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Eco-Optimize Your Existing Car

Eco-Optimize Your Existing Car

Eco-Optimize Your Existing Car — Save Money and the Environment!!

Wherever you are out, cars are something which everybody notices and urges to have it. Cars help us in moving from one place to another place. Even if it is for work, school, or play it plays a prominent role in our day to day life. It also lets us carry things from one place to another place.

For instance, you can move to another town or country or can bring back the day’s haul from the market. But it is important at the same time to note that this convenience does not come up with lower or fewer prices. The cars actually come up with an exorbitant price.

Buying the car and doing the insurance is the only thing you need to do. But you also have to refuel it. It completely depends upon the vehicle, age, type, and condition, refueling can be an expensive proposition. For instance, comparing a new Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle, which gets over 50 miles per gallon, with an older model Toyota Hilux, in which you may access less than 20 miles per gallon.


Certain steps to maintain your car and money are as follows

We always love to do something on our car to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But all of us don’t have sufficient means to buy the latest fuel-efficient vehicle. For instance, hybrid electric vehicles or even battery electric vehicles. If you work with what you are having, we can in such a case maximize the fuel economy potential of the vehicle that we already own. This all boils down to common sense.


To have a start, let us start with car maintenance. We all are aware of the fact that proper car maintenance saves money in the long run, especially when it comes to repairs. On the other side, did you know that proper car maintenance keeps the car running at its most efficient state? A car is like any other machine, made up of complex construction of moving parts, needs proper maintenance in order to run smoothly. Keeping up the maintenance can maximize fuel economy and minimize emissions.

  1. Change the engine oil and oil filter regularly.
  2. Regular look on the transmission fluid and filter.
  3. Keep proper inflation of tires to the specified pressure in the owner’s manual.
  4. Inspection of brakes to make sure they aren’t dragging.
  5. If the light of the engine is on, have the fault repaired immediately.

Apart from keeping the car in shape, we also need to keep ourselves fit and well maintained. We must know and need to learn eco-friendly car drive. To reduce the impact on our wallet, let us follow the following:

  1. Drive calm as driving aggressively wastes gas!
  2. keep up the speed limit – The faster you go, the fuel economy is going to get worse.
  3. Lose weight – Well, of course having a healthy body weight is great for your health

Removal of excess weight can improve the fuel economy to certain ambit

  1. On the highway, use cruise control – one must maintain speed, the less you have to accelerate and decelerate. The reason it wastes fuel.
  2. In the city, if you find yourself idle for more than thirty seconds, just shut off your car – Run The engine, while going nowhere, is an effective zero-miles-per-gallon waste of fuel.
  3. It is important to keep the cargo inside the vehicle unless it is necessary – Roof racks and cargo boxes seriously create the aerodynamic flow of air over your vehicle. It moreover reduces your fuel economy.

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