Eco wash and Geowash

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Eco wash vs Geowash: A question that cans car washes go green? Yes, water can be recycled. Everybody was in their car, spilled water, the water evaporated, condenses and then water fell again as rain happened. But is there any eco- friendly solution to it? Let us find out what can be the solution.


As the Sahara Desert is moving and drifting fast towards the south, it is pretty sure that water can be depleted. And yes it is also pretty sure that water resources will get depleted.

We require a lot of water at the time of car washing. Considering the growing number of owners of cars, this is creating pressure on the already dwindling resources of water.

The reason is 99.99 % of them wash the cars in the same traditional way. But due to advancements in technology, it is possible to have a green car washing service that uses minimal water and eco-friendly products. There are two start-up companies such as Geowash and Eco wash offering eco-friendly car wash services and products.

Their main aim is to use minimal water; pose little or no threats to the environment. This is something that still gives unmatched car wash services.

Use Geowash and protect the environment

Geowash is established locally and is a company serving the various regions of the country. It offers efficient and environmentally friendly mobile car wash services to various clients. The clients include corporate organizations, businesses, hotels, and learning institutions. If you use Geowash services, you will boost the revenues of local commercial car cleaners when you are conserving the environment.

Not only have this had they also offered services to individual car owners in their residences. They instead of going through the hassles of washing your car or spending money extravagantly to hire an onsite service. Such a service can cost you plenty of money and water resources. In this case, you can call this green car wash provider. Their delivery service is not comparable and they moreover do not use much water.

Eco-friendly car wash benefits

  1. Fast service
  2. Help in the creation of employment for local youth.
  3. Make the environment better
  4. Save our resources from depletion
  5. Call the car wash service when you need
  6. Ensure the health of your car is intact because they will only use eco and car-friendly products.

Save money and go green with Eco wash

Eco wash provides you an opportunity to use only 300 ml of product. It is the only thing you may need to clean your car, wax, and polish. It is just like the usual sanitizer that you find in hospitals. Eco wash is holistically a cleaning solution such as once you use it, you do not need to clean your hands again. The Eco wash product for green car wash works in a similar manner.

It also invites people to adopt car washing packages and start their own business. This is possible as they use machinations to minimize labor, water and time needed for a green car wash.

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