Electric vs Gasoline Powered Vehicles

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Electric vs Gasoline Powered Vehicles: Is it a fair comparison. Maybe, maybe not. But a practical and excellent one. In today’s world, electric cars are making a great dent.


The Ongoing Scenario

Almost all the big brands are offering electric cars – no holds bar. So why are the gasoline cars doing so well and why do we end up seeing such a minuscule percentage of electric cars on the roads. And further if one is planning to change his car then what must he consider in detail.

So let’s then first understand what all is so great about gasoline cars. And why do they stick so well?

Pros and Cons of the Gasoline Cars

Gasoline cars have had a great run. They are all over the place. In fact, we as users worry more about gasoline prices and car mileage than about any alternatives.

The best about gasoline cars:

Power and speed: Based on the internal combustion technology, their power is great. Limiting factor being more the chamber size of the engine. Whether it is 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engine. This means you can move at the top speed.

Long-distance without refuel: The car can move really long distances without refuelling. And given the established network of petrol stations refuelling is so much easy too.

Established Technology: Given that also most a century has gone into gasoline cars. Consumers are well aware of even the technical issues with its fuel and engine.

Maintenance helps easily: As with any technology which has been around so long, the mechanics, garages and such support are standardized and readily available, Peace of mind for the user.

Refilling time is insignificant: Time being important refilling for gasoline is instantaneous and no waiting is required.

Having discussed the goody-goodies what would be the dark spots which have made the world seriously look for alternatives to gasoline cars.

The pollution creator: These cars cause pollution affecting public health and needing to adhere to many regulations. Penalties being quite high on transgression.

Energy efficiency story: The energy conversion capability being 17% or so it is be trodden with decreasing mileage and increasing cost per mile. AS its speed and power increase its mileage falls exponentially.

Expected increasing costs: Given that the petrol reserves are limited and controlled by nations, some of them in geopolitically unstable global chunks. Hence there being general consumer anxiety on prices in the near future.

Thus, having taken a closer look at the gasoline technology lets see now what the electric cars have to offer as of today.

Pros and Cons of the Electric Cars

Electric cars are said to be the cars of the present and future. But this statement is rampant with holes. Nonetheless, why not take a first look at its offerings.

The electric car operates on electric motor technology. The technology has been around but never used for cars as such, at least not commercially. It’s a simple technology where the electric motor in the car draws electricity from its storage battery and delivers rotary power to the wheels.

One-man up ship claimed by electric vehicles counts as below:

Energy-efficient: Being 62% energy efficient the claim is good and scores on gasoline vehicles. Translating to lower per mileage cost.

Simpler technology: Being a simpler technology the maintenance cost is far lower.

Clean and legally green: S cleaner technology it’s non-polluting. And for this, it is much welcome by the regulator and public alike.

Electric cars’ much fanfare about its cleanness and greenness notwithstanding it imbibes some obvious lacunae as we can see below.

Refueling troubles: Battery driven charging time becomes a major roadblock. On an average 8 hrs charging lag is common. At its best however only 80% capacity can be charged in 30 minutes.

Low coverage: Given that battery capacities are in the developmental stage maximum of 100 miles is what a full capacity battery can take you. More loading could mean practically fewer miles on the go.

Speed limiting: Even though the power transfer is fast, meaning good pickup, the top speed may still stay elusive to this technology.

Consumers Decision Paradigm

In an overall evaluation, the two technologies stand at their own merits and demerits. The coming decade should witness a lot of going back to the drawing boards and labs by the proponents of both electric and gasoline cars.

But as of now, the user would do well by studying and mapping his day to day commuting needs. Thus, knowing the pluses and fallouts of both the technology cars before taking an intelligent call for adoption and purchase. It might be his best drive or the worst roadblock.

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