Ford Edge vs Nissan Murano

Ford Edge vs Nissan Murano

Ford vs Nissan

The 2018 Ford Edge vs 2018 Nissan Murano is both popular mid-sized SUVs, capable of delivering a spread of options to drivers. Each has desirable qualities. Each has some amenities and features better than the opposite. However, you can’t drive both at the identical time.

Ford Edge

Which one may be a better choice? That each one depends on what you rummage around for in an exceedingly mid-sized SUV. Does one value engine performance? What about safety features? Are you trying to find a roomier ride? Does one keep a watchful eye on gas prices? Is that the MSRP the ultimate word for you?

Nissan Murano

There are a lot of different details, highlights, and choices in some random vehicle, not simply the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. So, we are going to take a glance at some specifications of every and see where you land.


At the center of any vehicle is its engine. It often a thrust behind a vehicle purchase and may decide not only what makes or model but even what body style. To the extent average-sized SUVs go, the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano have radically various motors. The sting incorporates a 2.0-liter, I-4 engine, considerably smaller than the Nissan Murano’s 3.5-liter, V-6. The sting can generate more torque for hauling, 275, to the Murano’s 240. The Murano carries marginally more pull to the table, fit for 260 torques as basic the Edge’s 245.

Fuel Economy

These measurements are strikingly comparative, with the sting having a total mileage of 23 miles for each gallon, contrasted with the Murano’s 24. The Nissan Murano does have a rather larger tank, as well, at 19 gallons. The Ford Edge holds just 18 gallons of fuel. The two of them get an EPA-assessed 21 mpg inside the city, while Ford defeats Nissan on the parkway 29 miles for each gallon to twenty-eight. Someone with a highway commute, as critical a city commute, might see a small amount of a difference within the long term with the sting. However, the Nissan Murano can go slightly longer between fill-ups. This round may be a little near call, so let’s take a look at what the inside of every can potentially hold.

Interior Space

Much of the appeal of an SUV is that it’s way more spacious on the inside. Especially for those with bigger families who need additional seating and payload room, SUVs offer significantly more space than a car? For moderate-sized SUVs, both the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano have genuinely spacious insides.

Nissan Murano

The sting incorporates front headroom of 40.2 inches, a touch bit quite the Murano at 39.9 inches. The front legroom disparity may be a little greater at 42.6 inches for the sting to 40.5 for the Murano.

For taller drivers and front-seat passengers, those two inches might make an enormous difference.

The size of the rear seat is similar compared, with the Ford Edge having 40.3 inches of rear headroom and 40.6 inches of rear legroom. The Nissan Murano has quite recently 39.8 creeps of back headroom and 38.7 crawls of back legroom.

Ford Edge

These might not seem to be huge differences for a few. The tale of the tape on the inside is cubic volume. That lets the customer know exactly what proportion room there’s for passengers and cargo.

The overall volume of the within of the sting is 113.9 cubic feet. The Murano comes up a touch short at 108.1 cubic feet. For those trying to find interior space to higher move around, store cargo and breathe a touch easier, the Ford Edge wins this round.


Safety features are of the utmost importance to several drivers, not the smallest amount of which his parents. Auto manufacturers are very safety conscious nowadays, putting many safety features in vehicles as standard that wasn’t even invented twenty years ago. Both the sting and Murano have many of those safety features, including Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control, and Child Safety Locks. Both have a powerful array of airbags, from dual front airbags, first and second-row cloud airbags, and dual front side airbags. The one area where the Ford Edge incorporates a slight advantage is that its knee airbags for both driver and passenger, while the Nissan Murano incorporates a knee airbag for under the driving force. It’s going to be a small advantage, but one that your driving partner might sooner or later appreciate.

Final Words

We don’t necessarily believe that it’s up to us to steer you in either direction. Both are quality vehicles made by respected manufacturers. Both have very attractive features that may mean more to at least one buyer than to a different. What we covered here is by no means the exhaustive list of ordinary or available features for either vehicle. However, based solely on the comparisons presented here, the 2018 Ford Edge may be a more sensible choice for mid-sized SUV shoppers than the 2018 Nissan Murano.

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