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Ford Mustang GT PPL2 vs Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Ford Mustang GT PPL2 vs Ford Mustang Shelby GT350


Ford Mustang GT PPL2 vs Ford Mustang Shelby GT350: There’s absolutely no doubt in saying that the Mustang is one of the most seriously impressive cars. It is moreover out of the box, especially when you compare with the previous models of Mustang older brother. Making the jump, however, from the standard GT Performance Package to the GT Performance Package – Level 2 ups the ante to levels the run-of-the-mill which Mustang GT has never seen before.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350


It is like for the very first time, Mustang GT owners now have an option for a package that has one thing in mind i.e. the road course. Further, this performance-oriented package includes upsized sway bars, unique track-inspired springs, and unique stability control.

It further includes EPAS and ABS tuning followed by recalibrated Magne Ride Damping System special to the PP2. Besides this, who wants to forget those beautiful shoes: 19” x 10.5” (F) and 19” x 11” (R) wheels wrapped in 305/30R19 Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires borrowed from the Shelby GT350R?

Ford Mustang GT PPL2


Needless to say, despite the 66 horsepower difference between the GT and GT350, these suspension upgrades provide one heck of a package for some intense fun.


Breaking down the numbers

Sometimes you just focus and look at the cold, hard facts. The numbers further speak wonders between these two variants of the Mustang. A top-of-the-line GT PP2 prices out in the low-mid range in terms of pricing, so these two cars really are not that contemporary, especially if you’re looking at a lightly used GT350.

There are just a couple things that you can’t get with the GT PP2 that allows the GT350 runs away with the win. First off, the engine. Further, there might much be much not motors out there that have the signature exhaust note. It further derives from the GT350’s flat-plane crank 5.2L V8. Screaming with an 8,250 RPM red line, the 350’s Voodoo motor is hard to beat. However, with the updates to the Coyote in the mid-cycle refreshed Mustang, the GT is capable to hold on its own, especially with the superior Cup 2 tires and wider contact patch up front.


Considering the tires, the GT350 comes with Pilot Super Sport tires which fall into the category of Max Performance Summer tire. These tires last a decent mileage while offering some of the best cornering grips in its class. However, the GT PP2 further comes with the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires derived from the GT350R, which is apparently a completely different class of tire. In Addition, The Cup 2 tires are not really recommended for use in wet weather. Besides this, what they sacrifice in longevity can be made up twice over in handling ability. if you happen to hit a puddle, they’re basically street legal slicks with a couple shallow grooves.

At first glance, these two variants of the Mustang appear to be indifferent ball fields. However, after going over the numbers they seem closer than ever. It can make you wonder how quick the GT PP2 would be if they offer it with the even faster 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission! Regardless, the GT PP2 is one heck of a contender and it definitely bridges any gap that is still there between the PP1 and the GT350!

GT350 VS GT PP2 Exterior

To all those standing and looking for the latest and greatest in terms of looks. Well, you may be a bit out of luck when it comes to the Shelby GT350. Further, the reason is that the facelift that regular Eco Boost and GT Mustangs received few years did not bleed over to Ford Performance’s GT350. Further, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, the 350 has had a similar design since its debut in 2015.


Besides this, the GT350’s looks are unique and fresh to the car and really set it apart from the other Mustangs, or any other car. It’s front end styling which seems like aggressive says “get out of my way” all while effectively diverting air around the car in an incredibly prolific manner. However, function plays a vital part in the styling of the GT350, which is indeed amazing to hear for enthusiasts who value the performance value of a vehicle. The GT350 also receives a unique hood, bumper, and fenders featuring a functional vent to help divert air around the vehicle. Furthermore, another aspect of the GT350 that stands out from the rest is its unique rear valance which features a quad-tip exhaust with built-in tips.


The wheels featured on the GT PP2 show a very aggressive offset and are most certainly the tightest fitting wheels ever offered on a standard Mustang GT. Furthermore, you may find a unique front splitter and baby spoiler outback, both adding additional downforce over the front and rear tires thus keeping the car planted as you tear up the track.

GT350 VS GT PP2 Interior

As you step inside the cockpit of the Mustang, it is going to give you the idea that you’re stepping into something special, especially with the GT350. Further, Shelby’s interior is splattered with all different kinds of contrasting stitching, and tight-fitting Shelby-logo’s Recaro seats, if equipped.


Ford Mustang GT PPL2


Once you sit in the driver seat of the PP2, you can warrant two different experiences depending on how the car is optioned. Further, If you opt for the 301A interior, then you’ll have cloth seats, the standard gauge cluster, and moreover the SYNC 3 touch screen. Now further, if you do like the comforts, you can shell out a few more grand and step up to towards 401A Equipment Group. Besides this, This comes with the leather interior and most popular, the Digital Gauge Cluster. Thus, If there’s anything that the Mustang GT PP2 has is the beautiful gauge cluster. It is totally customization and totally awesome.


Regardless of how you equip the car, both the GT350 and GT PP2 have interiors that you can easily throw around the track and stay planted in the seat. Further, you may take on a long road trip and stay rather comfortable!

Which is for you?

Well, that question really comes down due to some of the main points. First, and most prominent, is the price. Obviously, you’re easily going to shell out a couple of extra bucks for the Shelby. However, it makes sense as it is Shelby! You’re paying for the name, the Voodoo engine, the history, and all of the other great things in addition to the GT350.


However, that doesn’t mean that the Performance Package 2 is a slouch and is not worthy. Furthermore, It makes the standard Mustang GT poised and ready to withstand whatever comes it’s way whether it’s on a road course or curvy back road. Regardless of where you’re leaning with your choice, any Mustang enthusiast would be happy with any of these cars in their driveway.

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