Grading System in Japanese Auctions

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If you are willing to buy a car from a Japanese auction, you should be aware of the grading system in Japanese auctions for these cars. Each car at this auction goes through checking and strict inspection. There is no compromise with the quality, and the graders give the grade according to the condition of the car with honesty.


In case if you have never experienced or participated in this type of auction, you should get enough knowledge about the auction system.

This system is improving and refining itself over the years and both the Japanese as well as the international buyers trust it. The auction house is held liable if they misrepresent a car and will have to settle the claim if they made a mistake.

You should certainly check your auction sheet to have an idea of what the concern is shipping to you. The auction sheet is very accurate and reliable and specifies the faults in the car if any.

Grading system in Japanese Auctions

After strict inspection of the car, the concerned team grades each of the car according to its condition, and there are almost 13 grading criteria, and they are:

1. Grade S:

Firstly, S grades cars are those cars which the team considers new. These cars are most likely registered in the last year and also driven very less.

2. Grade 6:

Secondly, 6-grade cars are those cars which have seen very little use. These cars do not need any repairs and have been driven for less than 30,000km.

3. Grade 5:

5-grade cars are those cars which the previous users have maintained well and driven for less than 60,000 KM, and these cars do not need any repair work.

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4. Grade 4.5:

4.5-grade cars are cars that may require a slight repair but not mandatorily. The car graded 4.5 is in good condition, and most of the used cars fall in this category.

Grades Below 4

4 Grade:

4-grade cars may need some maintenance and repair work, but if we see overall, the car is essentially a well-maintained car.

3.5 Grade:

The car graded 3.5 are high mileage, and repairs that are needed are mentioned in the auction sheet itself. The defect might be a dent, rust, or a slight scratch.

3 Grade:

Cars falling under this category are those cars which seriously require repair work though the condition is not very bad, and they are high mileage cars.

2 Grade:

Cars of grade 2 have severe defects and require a lot of repair work, and their condition is bad.

1 Grade:

Cars falling under this category are salvaged modified and flooded cars.

R Grade:

Cars graded R has been in an accident and has gone through severe damages, so obviously, their condition is bad.

RA Grade:

The cars which were badly damaged after the accident but are repaired.

R1 Grade:

The common term for this grade is R and 1 and given to an extreme case of accident cars.

RA1 Grade:

Cars falling under this category are extremely damaged and not fit for driving, but their parts can be used.

Thus, the grading system in Japanese auction is very reliable, and the inspection will be stricter in the coming future. The grading system in Japanese auction may appear a little daunting, but with the explanation above, you will be able to understand what clearly and choose a car according to your need.

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