Hatchback Comparison: Which One Is Right?

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Hatchback Comparison: Not everybody gets satisfied with a single thing which he wants to buy. Many of us have a habit to explore some options in order to identify the best. And when it is a matter of buying a car, who will not think about choices! The hatchback segments are widely known all around the globe. They prove to be one of the chief segments regarding a car. It is due to a fact that they come under a budget that a middle-class person can afford.


About Hatchback Cars

This category can be simply identified as the car that has a rear door that swings upward for providing cargo area. This is done to provide more space in the back. Many people can have confusion between hatchback and sedan as both of them looks pretty similar. But hatchbacks prove to deliver more space than sedans particularly in cases where the rear seats are folded. Along with that, the price of sedans is supposed to be higher than hatchbacks.

When you’re purchasing a car, it becomes sincerely important to choose the one that benefits you. If you are finding hard to pick the hatchback, we can assist you. Given below is a description of some hatchback cars of recent years that can become your priority. Have a look and select what kind of vehicle you want in this hatchback comparison.

Honda Civic Hatchback

As the years are passing, Honda is making tremendous changes in its models. The Civic hatchback is one of them. From comfort to safety, reliability to performance, this is something to keep your eyes on.


The killing look can be taken as one of the superior things in this compact car. And, if we provide you a hint of its interior, it’s just wonderful. For a longer time, Civic has made an identity in various markets and got good reviews.

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Toyota Prius

Those who know about Toyota production may have an idea that it tries to make its units superior and outstanding. One of its series in the segment of a hatchback is Prius whose last model was introduced in the year 2019. As time progressed, the company made different changes in this car.


There is an arrival of the AWD-e model with a good exterior appearance. The interior has been made quiet. The interior elements have been converted to black which was white in the older segments. Customers can also see the all-wheel-drive feature in the latest Toyota Prius.

Suzuki Swift

One of the well-known cars from Suzuki in various regions of the globe is Swift. The company achieved good fame by introducing this model. Moving forward with technological updates, Suzuki has presented various models of Swift. The latest version is facilitated with a lot of exciting features.


From wonderful exterior design to attractive interior features, it gives good competition to other hatchback cars. The engine is powerful, the boot space is good, and the overall review of this car is fine. The company has also attempted to introduce a platform of the body to deliver strength, safety, and rigidity.

Mazda 3

When it comes to the point of the hatchback series, Mazda is also in the race. Here, one of its powerful weapons has introduced in the form of Mazda 3 hatchback. The company has included premium offerings with good quality. Overall, the latest version of Mazda contains good looks and different features inside.


Fine body control and good handling are some of its qualities. You can see a choice of atmospheric petrol engines. Mazda lovers may entertain this segment of the hatchback.

Hyundai Veloster N

This presentation from Hyundai is a sporty hatchback model containing a three-door look. But, the power is inspiring as the turbocharged four-cylinder engine can exert around 275 HP. The exterior rules over the interior due to eye-catching looks.


But, the seating is comfortable, the cargo room is quite generous and it is a fun-to-drive car. The company has implemented various features inside the car to impress the audience.

Honda Fit

Honda is a well-known company that generates different superior models. Out of which, the all-new Honda Fit can be identified in the top list of subcompact cars. This is because of the updates that Honda has managed. From a spacious cabin to a well-equipped interior, this car looks impressive.


According to the shape that the company has given in this car, it can hold more cargo space. One of its topmost features contains the ability to flip up the thin bottom cushions to create space for goods. Honda has managed to provide a good handling experience for its customers on the new Honda Fit.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This is one of the sportier-looking hatchbacks by Volkswagen. In this machine, people will get to see a combination of elevated power and upgraded performance.


The turbocharged four-cylinder has the capacity to generate 228 HP. It can become a priority for those who want to own a hatchback with a sporty touch.

Which Hatchback is Good to Buy?

We told you a short description of some cars and the majority of them are from different companies. There can be a possibility that some cars may be superior to them in this segment. But, you can choose between these models. Before buying a car, make sure to inspect all the features of it.

This is an era where hybrid cars getting launch. So, a choice is opened for you to select between hybrid and fuel-based cars. The hatchback is a category of cars. You may find every hatchback a bit different in terms of some features. So, according to your expectations and requirements, you can make your choice of interest.

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