Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna: Freezer Truck Comparison

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Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna: Freezer Truck Comparison –  Trucks, being a giant machine, are one of the helpful sources to carry goods and other items. In order to carry heavier items from one place to the other, they become the priority on roads. Trucks do come in a wide range, and every truck has its own work. For example, there are light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks that can hold the goods according to their capacities.


In the same way, you can see freezer trucks that are designed to take perishable goods at different temperatures. In many regions, these trucks are implemented so that the things inside them should remain safe and fresh. So, if you’re also wishing to own a freezer truck for your specific needs, we are bringing a comparison. The comparison is between the models of two companies, Hino and Toyota.

One thing to know about both these units is that they are almost identical to each other. There are a few things which will be revealed in the below section. So, let’s start Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna’s Truck’s judgment based on different features.

Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Introduction

Hino Dutro Freezer Truck
Hino Dutro Freezer Truck

This vehicle stands as the light commercial truck shared with the Toyota Dyna. Also regarded as 155 and 300 in many regions, the truck proves to be reliable in many cases. Talking about the newer series, the company has stated that it is designed for enhancing quality. A wide-view from the cab is there to explore. Also, this machine has a combination of durability and versatility that is a good point to observe.

Toyota Dyna Freezer Truck

Toyota has presented the Dyna as a medium-cab duty cab-over truck for commercial use. As the generations changed, various modifications were done by the company. After knowing the different qualities of the Hino Dutro, let’s have a look at some of the aspects of the Dyna.

Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Exterior

Hino Dutro Freezer Truck Exterior
Dutro Freezer Truck Exterior

Hino Dutro is now leading into its second generation. The first generation was sold until 2010. There isn’t a large difference to see in the exterior between both generations. But, the company has made some modifications to make it better.

Toyota Dyna Freezer Truck Exterior
Dyna Freezer Truck Exterior

The model is quite matching to its companion. If we compare with the older versions of Dyna, various alterations have taken place in the newer segments. With its help, a contribution to the looks has been increased.

Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Interior

Hino Dutro Freezer Truck Interior
Dutro Freezer Truck Interior

There is enough space in the cabin of Hino Dutro. Footsteps along with the door openings have been increased to provide easy entry and exit. For delivering a consistently soft and comfortable ride, seat suspension is also there to see. There is lumbar support, tilt and telescopic steering, LED meter panel (MT), and multi-information display. You can have an option to choose a steering wheel with a switch and airbag.

A multi-information display along with an option of moquette, fabric, and PVC seat variation is also on the interior side. To deliver convenience for drivers and other passengers, some things have also been added to Hino Dutro. For example, audio, coat hook, and ashtray, etc.

Toyota Dyna Freezer Truck Interior
Dyna Freezer Truck Interior

Like its opponent, you’ll see a good space inside the cabin. In the newer segments, Toyota has made some adjustments to make this machine impressive. Like, there is an installation of a wireless key door lock along with a remote and power-retractable external back-view mirror. A driver is also allowed to adjust the seat for a better console. You can also find the facility of ABS whose details have already mentioned.


Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Engine

Hino Dutro Freezer Truck Engine
Hino Dutro Freezer Truck Engine

Dutro freezer truck engine: diesel engines other than diesel hybrid vehicles are 4,009cc in-line four-cylinder and inter-cooled turbo engine N04C type engines. Four models of UQ, UP, UN, and UM are set for vehicles with a carrying capacity of two tons. Details are as follows.

General purpose engines:

>> N04C-UN: 100KW(136PS)/2,500rpm, 390N.m(40kgf.m)/1,400rpm

>> N04C-UQ: 132KW(180PS)/2,800rpm, 480N.m(49kgf.m)/1,400rpm

>> N04C-UP: 110KW(150PS)/2,500rpm, 420N.m(43kgf.m)/1,400rpm

>> N04C-UM: 85KW(116PS)/2,500rpm, 325N.m(33kgf.m)/1,400rpm

Toyota Dyna Freezer Truck Engine
Toyota Dyna Freezer Truck Engine

The engine lineup consisted of the following diesel engines:

>> 2,982cc 144 horsepower

>> 4,009cc 116 horsepower, 136& horsepower, 150 horsepower, 180 horsepower

And the following gasoline engines were made available:

>> 2,693cc 148 horsepower

Additionally, the LPG engine option was:

>> 1,998cc 116 horsepower

For the hybrid system in Toyota Dyna, the 4,009cc diesel engine with 150 hp was combined with a 49-hp motor, and a two-pedal specialized five-speed AMT transmission (Automated Manual Transmission) was utilized. For this hybrid system, it was made possible to start the vehicle using only the motor, thus leading to greater fuel efficiency; fuel consumption was significantly improved to 12.2km/L for the 2-tonner and 11.6km/L for the 3-tonner.

Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Safety

In the newer versions, the company has put safety features like ABS with EBD. ABS stands for the anti-lock brake system and EBD as electronic brake-force distribution. With the help of ABS, help is provided for the driver in conditions like sudden braking. It also helps to hold back the vehicle from slipping on slick road surfaces. On the other side, EBD helps adjust the brake force-distribution.

People can also explore hill start assist, wide-view pillar, door-mounted outer mirrors, and headlamp halogen. Here, you can also find headlamp+ daytime running lamps or headlamp with fog lamps. Some of its passive safety features include EGIS cab design, side door beam, SRS airbag, and 3-point seatbelts.

For a careful driver, the company managed to bring 4.3 m of a minimum radius in Dyna. With its help, people can feel comfortable during complicated turns.

It also brings a state of comfort to the driver. One more thing that the company has brought into the Dyna is a noise-prevention feature. This is because the racks are situated on the bottom side of the truck that helps to shut the noise.

Some of its additional features include Mobileye collision advanced system with visual and audible alerts.

Dutro vs Dyna Truck: Performance and Specifications

There is a fuel tank of 80 and 100 liters. The 4X2 drive system contains a GVW of 4300-8500 kg. The diesel engine is of powerful 4009 ccs. It can deliver a maximum output of 128 hp@ 2500 rpm and a maximum torque of 37 kgf.m@ 1,800 rpm.

A model that appears in the market can have various segments. In the same way, you can see 12 box body, 6 tipper truck, and 2 deck body edition in this truck. The mileage of Dyna proves to be well as the company has made efforts to improve the fuel economy.  The newer version can hold around 12,490 lbs of payload capacity. The diesel version has 4009 ccs of the engine and a manual transmission with a 5-speed gearbox. The maximum power is supposed to be 110 bhp. There is an utmost torque of 284 nm and a maximum rpm of 2800.

Who to Make the Freezer Truck?


Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna Truck: Freezer Truck Comparison – As we mentioned that both these models are alike to each other. Based on numerous facets, we can say that both these machines can be a good option to buy. But, here we are particularly talking about the truck which can be used as a freezer truck. Some people have a perspective that the Hino Dutro is better than its sibling in different terms. For example, they think Dutro is somehow better in quality and price than the Dyna. But, the final decision always rests on your hand.

There may be some changes in the interior side or performance on which the one can step over the other. So, according to your priority, you can go between the Hino Dutro vs Toyota Dyna: Freezer Truck Comparison.

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