Hino Profia vs Nissan Condor

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Hino Profia vs Nissan Condor- Japanese heavy-duty cab-over trucks


Hino Profia


The Hino Profia could be a Japanese heavy-duty cab-over truck produced and marketed by Japanese automobile maker Hino Motors. It had been named Profia for the Japanese market officially and it had been formally recognized because of the Super Dolphin Profia. Then the truck was renamed in 2003 as Profia in Japan because of the left-hand drive.

Hino Profia Overview

Hino Profia additionally called Hino 700 within the Japanese domestic market and offered since 2003 and still in production. The Hino Profia takes first place within the local market of Japan for the best sale within the last 42 years in keeping with the annual report of Hino Motors, Ltd as in March 2014. In most of the export market, Hino Profia is legendary as Hino 700. The name Profia is employed in Japan and it had been formally recognized as super Dolphin Profia.

Interior – Truck Cabin

The design of the cabin of Hino Profia is far just like the 4th generation of Hino Ranger; however, the Profia is far bigger in size and interior. The truck is predicated on the Grand Aerotech technology that has the tremendous aerodynamic performance.


The cabin of Japan used trucks also equipped with Emergency Guard Impact Safety (EGIS) to safeguard the motive force and front-seat passenger. The truck Profia is additionally accessible in Taiwan made by Kuozui Motors. The inside of the truck is extremely comfortable for 2 people to sit down including the motive force.

Japan Used Cars

Engine Specifications

The truck offered a spread of engine choices including 10,520 cc P11C and 12,913 cc E13C. The transmissions offered with this engine particularly incorporate a 7-speed, 12-speed, or 16-speed manual transmission. Moreover, Pro-Shift 12-speed transmission is obtainable only within the domestic market.


The exterior of the Hino Profia is extremely neat with amazing finishes. The Hino Profia truck additionally equipped with worthy and high-quality exterior features that not only make the truck looks stylish but also helps on the road and tiny places.

Moreover, to boost the reliability, the traditional one-piece torque bar has altered to a V-sort together with an overlay elastic boost mount. On these amazing helpful features. The drive of the truck is pretty justifiable as a result you’ll not be stricken by plenty of street jerks and knocks. The other vibrations and this makes the driving very easy and comfy with loads of load on the truck.

Nissan Condor


Nissan condor is very popular, remarkable for transportation of medium shipments throughout the town, at the territorial level. This Japanese 4-ton truck is extremely popular throughout the globe.

What Parameters Condor Trucks Include

These Nissan Condor trucks combine many of the important parameters for trucks: a good capacity and cargo capacity, low operating costs, and, in fact, the worth of cars, power-good (up to 40 hp for every ton of all-out mass), an elevated level of solace and mobility. Concerning clarify the scope that usually this parameter in vans, refrigerated up to 30 m3, which corresponds to the required volume of the 20-foot container! Therefore, for the transport of assembled furniture, light cargo is the most suitable choice.


Many small and medium-sized companies, employed to resolve the transport needs of its own fleet of vehicles, also as providing trucking services, consider it necessary and rational use of such technology. Nissan Condor is the perfect vehicle for such organizations. Of these vehicles have wheeled formula 4×2 and 4×4. Tire size, usually, R17, 5. The rear wheels paired.

Nissan Condor Loading Capacity

The Nissan Condor mounted for all intents and purposes with a wide range of bodies and hardware (board, vans, refrigerated, with a group of stars, control trucks, tanks, etc…). So, these vehicles Equipped with a maximum load capacity of 3000 kg, they’re ready to carry many heavy loads, including and function a Car hauler. It’s possible to lift and carry a 20-ton container, which, however, could be a slightly wider body.

Choices in Nissan Condor

So, the Nissan Condor trucks manufactured in Japan, mainly of aluminum, tilt trucks practically don’t occur. The Condor is provided with a distinct number of (additional side) doors with alternative ways of opening (Butterfly, blinds). Flatbed trucks may equipped with a ramp (hydraulic lift). The estimated dimensions of the body (stature and volume for truck): 5,900 x 2,200 x 2,200 mm, 29m3. Most of those trucks equipped with sleepers. Stand out models with “daily” cabin, like without sleeping.


They are, additionally to the dearth of a bag, equipped with 5-speed manual transmission (with a more conventional 6-speed). All assembling organizations produce vehicles during this setup: Mitsubishi Fighter Mignon, Isuzu Forward, Juston, and Nissan Condor CM. the choices that a Nissan Condor truck offer includes air-condition, power-assisted steering, power window, double wheel, double battery, air brake also as an excellent engine capacity of seven, 000 cc diesel which is sort of enough for any cargo truck. The foremost important part of this Nissan series is that it’s just about affordable.

The Nissan Condor proposed for the carriage of all scale cargoes and furniture. So, there are many versions and designs of those trucks. So, you’ll be able to find all sorts from a good sort of model lines in marketing at different prices. Thus, these Nissan trucks are reliable also as durable. Within Nissan Condor is entirely unrivaled in quality, sturdy likewise as alluring.

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