Hino Rainbow vs Mitsubishi Rosa: Mini Bus Comparison

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Hino Rainbow vs Mitsubishi Rosa is the two amongst the most effective Japanese minibus known for their powerful engine, easy transportation with comfort, amazing interior, and exterior and the most vital, their long-lasting life that may surely serve you well.


Hino Rainbow

The Hino Rainbow may be a medium-sized bus, best suited as a tourist coach, or for the workers of an organization. In several countries, companies provide means of transportation to urge to figure for his or her employees and this can be considered an enormous benefit. It saves time for the worker and organization and it’s also a way of the positive image of the corporate roaming around the city. A bus with good performance and reasonable comfort only will encourage be a benefit morally and financially, otherwise, it can become a continuing problem.


There are several choices within the Japanese used car marketplace for every sort of automobile. This can be greatly helped with affordable choices of high-quality Japanese automobile products to consumers everywhere on the planet. The supply of Hino Rainbow purchasable may be a perfect example of a medium-sized transportation facility at a reasonable price. Indeed, even a more established rendition from the trade-in vehicle assortment is accessible with enough offices for making a trip to decently significant distances.


The interiors of the van contain 29 seats all paired closely. The fabric employed in the seats is retainable vinyl and therefore the back of the seat is supportive for traveling to longer distances. The driver’s seat is placed a bit below from where passenger seats are, to make sure the higher idea of roads.


There are handles fixed on the outside door to support the climbing and getting off the van. On the rear of each seat of the van, there’s a net pocket given where rope may be placed during travel. A handle is attached on the rear too, to supply support to the passenger just in case of brakes.


The materials utilized on the dashboard are of reasonable aspects. There is an influence steering and cooling as a basic within the used Hino Rainbow bus.

Japan Used Cars


Available in several colors, the exteriors of the Hino Rainbow bus are pretty enticing. The easy rectangular built is with smooth ends. There’s a bit trunk to hold small bags or repairing tools on one side of the van. Good quality plastics and glass are wont to furnish the top quality built of the van. The front windscreen is flat and wide in size to supply clear visibility to the motive force. There’s an oblong pair of lights within the front. The windshield is printed with black plastic with a silver Hino hang on it.

The section entryway is transparent and offers a twofold opening for the agreeable passageway. On the rear, there’s a triplet of lights on the upside and dual a pair of small lights on the lower side. The rear windscreen isn’t as big because the front but contains a reasonable size.

Engine Performance

The 7960cc bus is out there with manual transmission only. The fuel consumption of the Hino Rainbow is 7 km/liter. The wheel drive layout is 2WD.

Fuel Consumption

However, the Hino Rainbow gives 7 km/litter (14 litres/100 km)

Mitsubishi Rosa

The Mitsubishi Rosa was officially launched within the market in 1960 by Mitsubishi truck and Bus Corporation. It’s a Japanese auto and was focused on the Japanese market at first. The vehicle had to rework throughout four generations to stay competitive and relevant to the purchasers. The car is obtainable in three body structures that included the short body, long body, and super long body.


It’s a whole package of joy, care, confidence, and luxury for the motive force likewise because of the passenger. Supported current customer reviews and crash tests the vehicle is rated highly as compared to competing cars within the same category. Despite all the outstanding features and excellent performance, the vehicle is obtainable at an inexpensive price for current and potential customers.

Driver and Passenger Access

The entry and exit for both the motive force and passengers are easy and convenient. The entry and gate are positioned forward behind the seat and contains a flat deck to steer on. The motive force could monitor passengers and maintain safety and control because of a forward door position. The step lamp illuminates entry and exit passage during the night.


The interior reflects spaciousness and class throughout. The building specialists have structured the lodge for more noteworthy solace, largeness and serene ride over short and significant distances. The inside fitted with the optional reclining passenger seats, sufficient legroom, tinted privacy glass.


Also, thermal insulation, optional filtration, cooling system, delicate ornaments, quality materials, front and rear utility, and fine trims. The ventilation supposed for regulating the cool air, warm air, and therefore the intake air. The foremost attracter of the car is its ability to soak up unnecessary noises and maintain quietness inside.


The Driving Cockpit

The cockpit includes the driving area and therefore the instruments around. It meant for the driver’s facilitation and eases while driving. So, the knowledge displayed over an LCD through meter cluster, odometer and trip meter. The motive force and front-seat passenger have sun visors located above for cover from excessive sunlight. Other cockpit features power-assisted steering for greater handling, tilt steering column, clutch booster. Also manual transmission, easy shifting, and ergonomically designed seats. The cockpit meant by the engineering experts with intricacy and a spotlight.

Basic and Optional Equipment

Mitsubishi Rosa propelled with an institutionalized and discretionary gear mix for esteemed clients. The quality features present all told the vehicle models whereas the optional features meant for personalization preferred by certain customers around the globe. The most important specifications include three points life belt, power-assisted steering, clutch booster, heat-absorbing glass. Also, warning alert buzzer, brakes, independent front suspension, spare tires, glove box, and windshield shade band, fuel tank lock, under view reflect front plate brakes and complete amusement bundle. So, the optional equipment list includes the two by 2 seating arrangement, rear seat fold-down option, passenger seat belts, luggage accommodating rack, ashtray, ceiling grab rail, protection bars, engine protection form dust, and digital clock.

Hino Rainbow vs Mitsubishi Rosa – The Conclusion

Choosing either of the minibusses is a matter of your choices and desires. So, I can’t tell you which of that minibus will suit you without knowing your preferences and desires. Hino Rainbow vs Mitsubishi Rosa both are trustworthy automobile makers, Rainbow and Rosa both are best in their own category and comfort. Thus. you now have the information that will help you decide which one is made for you. All the very best for your purchase.

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