Hitachi Excavator vs Komatsu Excavator

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Still unable to decide which one to go for between Hitachi Excavator vs Komatsu Excavator for the purpose of the mining site. Considering both of them, both of them have their strong points. Moreover, there is no doubt in saying that both of them are the best on their part. So it is something very troubling to decide between the two best things.


We are going to compare here between Hitachi Excavator vs Komatsu Excavator in order to showcase the machines and their purposes. This is certainly going to help you to decide which one is right for you.

The Komatsu Excavator and the Hitachi Excavator are some heavy-duty excavators. The design is for the purpose of big workloads in mining sites and other similar industries. The designing of each of the machines is in such a way so as to provide superior performance. However, the recent design of Komatsu PC 4000-11 features a tier 2 engine.

Komatsu Excavator

The Komatsu Excavator is a powerful machine whose design is in such a way that it is able to handle the toughest workloads. Apart from the engine, the tier 2 and tier4 are identical. This is the one thing that makes it a great choice for mine sites where tier 4 compliant machines are not a requirement. It is moreover a simple way to save your finance while at the same time getting the performance necessary in order to complete the job.


By taking regular and constant advice from the customers over the years, there have been several improvements on the part of the Excavator range. It is also inclusive of additional handrails and an emergency egress ladder.

It is like a package of the latest technology, the Komatsu uses a simplified system. This gives a better user experience and a less grueling learning curve for operators.

The simple design makes it use less electrical components. Thus, reducing possible downtime due to failure or maintenance. This is very important for mining sites.


The Komatsu Excavator is also inclusive of the following features

  1. Improved Cabin Comfort
  2. Increased Performance & Weight Capacity
  3. Flexible Attachment Range

Hitachi Excavator

The slogan for the Hitachi says that “more than durable-just plain tough”. The purpose behind building the excavator is to provide consistent performance for the giant-sized jobs, fast. The engineers of Hitachi use a rigid box design that resists bending and twisting forces. It is moreover a combination with a center track frame to provide strength in that key area.


Hitachi has a belief in combining the previous models’ certain improvements depending upon customer’s feedback. It has new features such as a larger bucket and computer-aided engine pump control. It is found to be one of the best mine site excavators available.

One of the strongest points behind selling is the ease of access for maintenance and repairs. It is moreover spacious and easier for the team to access, inspect, and maintain your excavator.

Technology & Cab

Technology in excavators is mushrooming rapidly as with most of the machinery. Due to state of the art cameras, sensors, and guidance systems, both Hitachi and Komatsu have successfully hit the ball. Both of them feature well-designed cabs which allow you to work in comfort all day long.


The Komatsu’s cabin is mounted on 18 viscous damping pads and is sound insulated. The design in the excavator helps to reduce noise and vibration during operation. The pressurized cab features automatic climate control makes it comfort friendly.

Basing development on feedback from their clients and partners, Komatsu created the KOMTRAX system which is able to provide real-time machine data to the operator and maintenance crew.

The system

  1. Stores & monitors fault messages
  2. Provides visual & acoustic alarms as standard
  3. The comprehensive reporting makes for easier management and helps to reduce service time.
  4. The other big technology feature for the Komatsu is the KomVision system. Though it is not standard, it is available for both the Tier 2 and Tier 4 models. The KomVision uses 7 cameras to provide a birds-eye view of the worksite.

Komatsu Excavator vs Hitachi Excavator: The Verdict

There’s not much separating the Komatsu excavator and the Hitachi excavator. Both offer a groundbreaking design. It is inclusive of the latest safety features and a fully operational Tier 2 (or 4) engine. The Komatsu is heavier (with a max operating weight of 408,914kg) and has an option for 7 cameras, as compared to Hitachi’s 4. The Komatsu technology is well-designed and is able to provide a great way of monitoring for faults.

However, Hitachi’s is really a close competitor thanks to their 5-minute snapshot tech—a godsend in case of system failure.

If you need the absolute in every shovel-load, then the Komatsu is ideal for you. However, if your staff are already well-equipped to handle maintenance and repairs on Hitachi equipment, it can be more beneficial to choose the Hitachi excavator for familiarity and to reduce training costs.

Of course, the price can be a deciding factor and any relationship you already have with a local Hitachi or Komatsu dealer can make the decision quite simpler.

Hence, we can say that the Komatsu and the Hitachi are both well-designed excavators that can handle any mine site work you throw at them. Both of them offer groundbreaking designs, the latest safety features, and a fully operational Tier 2 (or 4) engine. The Komatsu appears heavier (with a max operating weight of 408,914kg) and has an option for 7 cameras, as compared to Hitachi’s 4.

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