Honda Accord Hybrid Vs Honda Insight

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Honda Accord Hybrid Vs Honda Insight- Car Comparison


Honda‘, a name that almost all of us have heard many times is a prominent automobile company. It is serving its facilities for a longer time. As time passed, this company introduced different models of diverse segments. Like, if we specifically look into its sedan car zone, there are some solid machines that people admire. Today, we are going to convey some information regarding two premium sedans of Honda. Along with that, there will be an eye on opting for the best between them.

This is a comparison of the Honda Accord Hybrid vs Honda Insight. When someone looks for buying a car, they inspect some of the crucial aspects. For example, the interior, style, performance, safety, or multimedia assistance, etc. So, we will derive some reports on such features to make you aware of them.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Hybrid Vs Honda Insight


Initiated as a compact hatchback in 1976, this car is among the oldest variants from Honda. As time passed, the company decided to launch the unit as a mid-size car. It was the year 1989 when the lineup was enlarged to contain a coupe, sedan, and wagon. Interestingly this car is now running into its tenth generation and the company has launched its hybrid variant. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of the 2020 model.

Impressive Looks

Well, if someone is keen to observe the taste of the modern look of a sedan, Honda has something special. Yes, this is the new Accord that can be loved right from its first impression. The premium look of the sedan gets enhanced by LED low-beam headlights with auto on-off that look stylish.

There is an availability of stylish alloy wheels and the front-end styling also looks superb. The sport grille derives an aggressive and sporty touch to this sedan. On the backside, there are taillights to see with LED light bars. These things contribute to providing bold looks.

Dashing Interior


If the outside part is so impressive to explore, then you can expect something interesting from inside as well. The cabin is supposed to be quiet, spacious, and premium. There is a seating capacity for up to five persons with good legroom and headroom. After that, the available leather-trimmed seats make the journey enjoyable and relaxed. Honda also offers heated and ventilated seats that are helpful during different temperatures. There is a 60/40 split rear seatback to accommodate the demands of each day.


Honda has provided a full-color 7-inch driver information interface to help the driver in getting the required information. For those who don’t like to engage their phone bound to adapter and cords, there is the assistance of a wireless phone charger. There is also a head-up display that shows important information like direction, speed, and incoming calls. The trunk space is also good where you can keep the essential items during the ride. Then, the one-touch power moonroof also enhances the feel of experiencing different scenes from inside. Some other availability includes the dual-zone climate control and available all-season floor mats.

Multimedia and Connectivity Assistance

You can see an available audio touch-screen 8-inch display along with a 10-speaker premium audio system. There is also the availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration. After that, you can see the Wi-Fi hotspot capability and navigation system.


To lock and unlock the doors or identify some other information, there is a function of HondaLink. Then, the blind-spot monitoring information system helps to alert when vehicles are detected so you can change the lanes confidently. The multi-angle rearview camera also helps to let you know what’s on the backside.

Safety Features

This machine is full of safety options. There is a usage of Honda Sensing that includes features like:

  1. Collision Mitigation Braking System
  2. Road Departure Mitigation System
  3. Lane Keeping Assist System
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control and
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition

Performance & Other Things to Know

In the newly Accord hybrid, Honda has provided an inventive two-motor hybrid powertrain. Here, you can see an e-CVT transmission with 212 total system horsepower and the receptiveness of electric torque. You can have a look at the energy flow between the electric motor and engine in real-time. It is done with the help of that high-resolution touch-screen display placed inside. There is a mode named EV where a person can function absolutely on the hybrid battery and the electric motor in certain conditions. The high-voltage battery contains an 8-year limited warranty.

Honda Insight

Honda Accord Hybrid Vs Honda Insight


The introduction of this car was seen in the year 1999. At that time, it was displayed as a two-door, two-passenger liftback vehicle. It continued till 2006 and then, the company decided to present it as a four-door, five-passenger liftback. This was its second generation that remained under production from 2009 to 2014. Subsequently, there was a launch of its third generation from 2019 as a four-door sedan. Right now, the latest model of Honda Insight is also running as a Hybrid variant. And we will talk about various things about the related model.

The Hybrid Variant

Stylish Exterior

Both Accord and Insight are a class from Honda. Just like its opponent, the overall impression of Insight’s exterior is bold, stylish, and luxurious. There is a traditional touch of Honda’s premium segment in this sedan as well. There are two sets of LED headlights, namely low-beam and a high beam that enhances its front look. Thereafter, you can also see the daytime running lights (DRL). This sedan is extensive where the sweeping character lines and stunning alloy wheels co-operate well to the looks.

There are LED tail and brake lights to see with a superb cutting-edge look. The front underbody spoiler looks aggressive and boosts the appearance of the outer section.

Interior Capabilities


The inside part of this machine is pretty impressive with a spacious seating of five. The leather-trimmed seats are provided for enhanced comfort. The front seats are heated to keep you warm during cool conditions. There is also a driver information system to easily manage and explore various operations in front of the driver’s eye. You can also identify the 60/40 split rear seatback in one of its models.


Around 15 cubic feet of trunk capacity is provided in the 2020 model of Insight. There is also a one-touch power moonroof. And you can see the function of the remote engine start on the key to assisting well. Some other things are also available according to the variants.

Multimedia and Connectivity Assistance

You can see a high-resolution 8-inch touch-screen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration. There is the availability of Wi-Fi hotspot, USB audio interface, HondaLink, multi-angle and rearview camera. In the new Insight, you can also explore the lane watch camera.


With the help of Smart Entry, you can lock and unlock the doors without taking the keys out of the pocket. And if you’ve started walking away after shutting and forget to lock the doors, there is a Walk Away Auto Lock feature. It will help to assist you when the key goes 8 feet away.

Safety Measures

There is also an appearance of Honda Sensing Standard in the new Insight. For example,

  1. Collision Mitigation Braking System
  2. Road Departure Mitigation System
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control
  4. Lane Keeping Assist System and
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition

Performance & Other Specifications

The hybrid segment is a combination of both style and power. Especially regarding power, there is a usage of 1.5 liters, an Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor. With its help, a scintillating horsepower and torque are identified for good performance. There is a usage of Honda’s hybrid high-voltage batteries for long-term use with eight years of warranty.

Two different modes are there, namely ECON and Sport. You can apply them with the push of a button. ECON mode is available for fuel efficiency and Sport mode is provided for the enhanced driving experience. The body structure is designed for aerodynamic competence in the new Honda Insight. Like, the grille and engine assist to decrease wind loss. Whereas, the front bumper limits the wake. Even its flat underfloor design and strakes help to reduce the wake as well.

Which Is the Best Choice To Prefer?

If we investigate both the newer models from Honda, they are tremendous. But, when the matter comes about identifying the best one, you can have a look at some points.


According to the official news of Honda, the mileage of 2020 Accord Hybrid is:

48-City and 47-Highway (MPG rating)

On the other side, the mileage of 2020 Insight is:

55-City and 49-Highway (MPG rating)

So here, we can say that the mileage of Insight is up from the Accord Hybrid.


There is a tough competition between these models, as both of them have a class in terms of style.


Many technological updates arrive in common between the 2020 Accord Hybrid and Insight. They also come with Honda Sensing which includes many safety options. Some things may be present or vice-versa between them.


Remember, things mentioned regarding both the sedans may differ according to the model. You can see a variation in their price range as well. So, make sure to consider the one which fits best to your mind and expectations.

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