Honda Accord LX vs EX

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Honda Accord LX vs EX: Car Comparison. If anybody is looking for Honda Accord as the next car then it is a good choice. The Honda Accord is very well regarded amongst its available variants. Moreover, it has a combination of good gas mileage with lively performance and plenty of interior space. Those who love to enjoy the experience of driving, the Honda Accord is well known for their firm ride. It is also well known for good handling, and responsive steering.


Accord Overview

Honda Brought its first accord in 1976. It is till now one of the best sellers. In the early 1990s, it was still considered as a compact car, and in 1993 Honda revamped it and moved it to mid-sized class. It has always been a mid-size car since, except for the year 2007 to 2012, and grew just enough to count as a full size.

Honda Accord EX


For the model year 2013, the accord was offered in sedan and coupe forms, together with the same choice of engines. Similarly, the available trim levels remain unchangeable.

Honda Accord LX


It has ranged from the entry-level LX to the fully loaded touring( EX-L is the top of the line coupe trim level. When you are looking for a used Honda Accord for sale, you may find most of the cars in LX or EX trim.


Which trim level: LX or EX?

Base level Accords are well equipped. The model is riding on 16-inch alloy wheels, LX models have dual-zone automatic climate control. It moreover has a four-speaker audio system and a rearview camera with an 8” screen. Together with all accords, the interior material of the model has a high quality feel and looks like it comes in the category of the most expensive vehicle.

EX and EX-L Trim

When you move into the EX, the features include larger, 17-inch alloy wheels and additional interior equipment. The sunroof makes it quite spacious cabin and it appears to be larger. While leather-wrapped steering wheel and six-speaker audio systems offer the driver smooth sounds and additional comfort. The heated mirrors, a powered driver’s seat, keyless entry, and ignition and blind-spot warning add to the list of useful features. Moreover, the rear bench seat in recent models has a 60/40 split for folding.

The position of it is above the EX is the EX-L. It builds on the EX’s current feature and includes leather upholstery, heated front seats, memory setting for the driver’s seat, and a four-way power adjustment for the passengers. There is seven-speaker audio, a dashboard touchscreen interface to replace certain buttons, and forward collision and lane departure warning systems.

The equipment and trim levels are the same in the EX coupes but with only minimal differences. The EX-L coupes roll on even larger 18-inch alloy wheels.

Priorities and budget

If you choose one as your next car, a used Honda accord may likely disappoint you. In base LX trims, it comes well equipped and should give miles of satisfaction. Those who look for more features, plusher upholstery, and additional power must give a look into the EX and EX-L models. Honda Accord LX vs EX car comparison.

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