Honda CR-V vs Toyota Highlander

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Honda CR-V Vs Toyota Highlander – Which One to Choose?


In the ever-growing automobile marketplace, there’s no shortage of cars to settle on from. Be that as it may, when it includes selecting one from Honda CR-V and Toyota Highlander, plentiful variables happen. The two models are huge as far as performance, comfort, mileage, and economy. However, there may be a quick rundown of some foremost differences in Honda CR-V vs Toyota Highlander.

Honda CRV vs Toyota Highlander – the whole Comparison:

How powerful is that the engine? What proportion spacious is it? Get to understand everything about Honda CR-V and Toyota Highlander straight away.

Entertainment System:

The source of entertainment in a very car may be a complete collection of high-quality hardware and software. In Toyota Highlander, 6 speakers have a speed-sensitive volume feature.

Honda CR-V


Honda CR-V is additionally equipped with a mean number of seven speakers that even have to speed-sensitive volume system. Both cars have STANDARD electronic equipment and aux audio input.

Honda CR-V Dashboard

But, you’ll be able to tune up to your favorite channel on upgraded safelight radio in Toyota.

CR-V Trunk

Honda doesn’t have a radio but it does have this fanatic subwoofer that produces a tremendous bass frequency.

Honda CR-V Interior


When discussing the performance in Honda CR-V vs Toyota Highlander relation, Highlander is that the victor.


Toyota Highlander


The horsepower Toyota offers is 270 at 6200 RPM though Honda is underpowered with the horsepower of 180 at 6800 RPM. The two vehicles have 5-gear moving and 2-wheel drive train type.

Highlander Dashboard

Toyota Highlander works on semi-transmission on the opposite hand, Honda CR-V is a fully automatic drive based.

Toyota Highlander Interior

When contrasting the control with check turning proportion, the two vehicles include nearly the indistinguishable corners that are 38.7ft- Toyota Highlander and 37.8ft-Honda CR-V.

Highlander Trunk

Safety Features

Greater safety better driving! During this vehicle examination, the autos have standard antilock, kid lock, and DISC rear brakes. But, Highlander is again leading with the supply of six-airbags. Conversely, Honda also comes with five protective airbags.

Interior Space

When it involves interior cargo space nothing tops the Honda CR-V. Because of its unrivaled structure, the CR-V has class-driving payload space, a ground-breaking 39.2 cubic feet with all seats still upstanding. The Toyota Highlander must fold its third row to beat the CR-V in storage capacity. The Highlander offers 38.4 creeps of legroom inside the subsequent line; however, the Honda CR-V effectively bests that with 40.4 crawls of second-push legroom.

Technology and Infotainment

The Toyota Highlander missed a chance to upgrade its lackluster technology and infotainment system. The much sought-after Apple CarPlay™1 and Android Auto™2 aren’t even optional features on the Toyota Highlander. Of course, you’ll be able to find both available for the Honda CR-V starting on the EX trim.

The Honda CR-V excels against the Toyota Highlander. The Honda CR-V won the Motor Trend (2018) SUV of the Year. The CR-V features a turbocharged engine. The payload space and inside conveniences is something to decide, and the most attractive tech highlights for the CR-V aren’t saved for the priciest model trim.

Luxury Features

Toyota Highlander and Honda CR-V, both guarantee the foremost luxurious driving experience with a typical moon roof, power seats, keyless entry, and striking leather interior. You’ll be able to pick any of the vehicles for comfortable driving.


The Honda CR-V includes a littler turning range than the Toyota Highlander, permitting you to all the more effectively move all through difficult situations.


The Honda CR-V seats plenty fewer people than the Toyota Highlander. The Honda CR-V has less freight space than the Toyota Highlander, which is alright if you don’t must move bounty in one outing.


The Honda CR-V offers a touch more room for passengers within the back seat than the Toyota Highlander. The Toyota Highlander will be effective with tall drivers and their front-seat travelers since it’s a more noteworthy front head-and legroom than the Honda CR-V.


You’ll be making about the identical number of stops at the filling station with the Honda CR-V as you may with the Toyota Highlander, as they’re both able to travel similar distances on a tank of gas.


Toyota Highlander features a lot of space, which is compatible with 7 passengers. It’s a freight space of 95.4 ft., baseload limit of 1755Lb, a discretionary route framework, and ten-cup holders. In contrast, Honda CR-V features a room for a maximum of 5 passengers. Also, it has 72.9ft cargo space, a typical navigation system, 850 LB base payload capacity, and eight cup holders. The vehicles have standard power outlets, front air-con, and foldable rear seats.

Closing Words

If you wish the high-performance car with the best comfort, choose Toyota Highlander. If you desire to ride an opulent vehicle with the utmost electronic equipment, Honda CR-V is that the one to shop for. So, now that you simply know everything about Honda CR-V & Toyota Highlander, it’s time to require home the most effective car.

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