Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017

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Is there any inequality between Honda’s CRV 2018 & 2017? Which one shall you get since the new model have a greater price tag? Does the additional money offer something exciting and worthwhile? Let’s delve into the 2017 Honda CRV vs 2018 Honda CRV comparison to seek out which one you ought to put your money on.


Changes And Differences

The launch of the most recent 5th-gen stirred excitement among the motorheads thanks to the likelihood of releasing a hybrid version. other than that, there are no major 2018 Honda CRV changes.


Before jumping into an in-depth comparison between Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017, you must know that both models look good and are rich with interior and technical features. CRV is that the best selling model within the Honda lineup and these two versions are packed with value to retain that legacy.

The Interior & Cargo Capacity

Again, there’s no significant difference between 2017 and 2018 Honda CRV when it involves interior features. The 2017 model is totally different from its predecessor’s thanks to the whole redesign but the 2018 model shares all the features that the previous version has.


The CRV may be a compact crossover but the inside has generous space, providing comfortable seating arrangements for five people. The 39.2 cubic feet (with folding rear seats) cargo capacity is massive, granting you to hoist anything you prefer. There’s more rear legroom than the previous CRV models, which may be a relief for the tall passengers.


In terms of amenities, both versions are basically a twin of every other. Their uppermost trim levels have some superior touches like heated mirrors, leather specifics, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and many more. The enhanced dashboard is remarkable with the instrument cluster and a touchscreen.

Whether you’re considering between Honda CRV 2018 vs 2017, both can beat a midsize SUV in terms of interior and cargo space.

The Exterior

If you compare the features of the 2017 CRV with 2018 CRV, you won’t find any notable modifications. Apart from the chrome accessory around the front fog lamp. The 2 versions are essentially indistinguishable and that they are getatable in 10 exterior paint color choices. It happens because the CRV received an entire makeover for the 2017 model year.


Nonetheless, the 2018 CRV has some chrome grillwork. it’s merely for cosmetic purposes and to stay up with the industry’s strange fixation for chrome decoration. The taillights and daytime running lights also alter the 2018 version from the 2017 model. You’ll be able to also choose the optional full-LED headlight clusters within the latest version.

Technical Features

Again, there’s no real difference between these two models. Both are rich in safety and entertainment features. apart from the bottom LX trim. All versions of the models are equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen with the ability of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. They even have a high-quality audio system, satellite navigation, and more.

The considerable Safety package is definitive for these models. All versions have a flexible controller, collision allays braking system, lane keeps the subsidiary system, road separation mitigating system, and more. The 2018 model has rear parking sensors that help drivers to try and do rear-parking easily.

Performance & Mileage

The 2017 and 2018 CRV models project similar performance with their two engine choices. The quality 2.4L I4 engine produces 180 lb-ft torque and 184 horsepower while the 1.5L turbocharged I4 version boosts the horsepower to 190.

You can choose an all-wheel-drive option if your driving routes include long stretches of mud and dirt. The all-wheel-drive serves advance stability in off-road conditions and rainy weather.

The fuel efficiency of both models is sort of identical too. A 2017 version of CRV Touring AWD will produce 26.1 mpg combined (21.9 mpg within the city and 34.2 mpg on the highway) with its 1.5L turbo-four engine. The 2018 version will yield 29.7 mpg combined, with 27 mpg within the city and 33 mpg on the highway. It seems that the newest model may be a bit ahead in terms of overall and city driving mileage. However, the difference isn’t much if you compare all the trims.

That’s it, guys, we have covered the specs on the 2017 and 2018 Honda CRV very briefly here.

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