Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard

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Considering Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard, all of them are superb cars and multipurpose cars. When it comes to family, these all are family-oriented cars and are well suitable for a family man. It is not a denying fact that all the models are quite famous in the automobile industry and in the market have acquired huge recognition.


Sometimes, people find it difficult to acquire or purchase. People feel confused about which one to own. Let us here have a fine comparison of all the three cars and get to know which one is best suitable so that we can finalize at the end of the day. Let us dig inside and start Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard.

Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard: Exterior

Honda Elysion

The last is the Honda Elysion which is still a multipurpose car and fits well on the imagination. There is no doubt in saying that it falls into a luxury family vehicle blog. It is a seven-seater just like other variants of Toyota. The looks are compatible with Estima which has a curved surface.

Toyota Estima

It is a curvy shaped model and thus this curvy shape takes an extra room for the engine hood. There are headlights and all the basic lights which are on the front having a bit of grille for the branding. Moreover, there is a door featuring a sliding mechanism which is in it a plus point if in case you feel stuck in a tight space.

Toyota Alphard

Considering Honda Elysion v/s Toyota Estima v/s Toyota Alphard, here is a model Toyota Alphard. The car gives sporty looks instead of curvy designs which sounds and looks exciting too. It has headlights and necessary lamps on the front. The grille is much wider than Estima and it is one of the first noticeable things about Alphard’s look and appearance.

Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard: Interior

Honda Elysion Dashboard
Honda Elysion Interior
Honda Elysion Interior

This is available in different variants and shades such as grey, metallic, modern steel, blue pearl, and diamond pearl. It has a slim grille, the headlights, and fog lights and is properly placed. It comes with a moonroof if you want it in a particular sense.

Moreover, it comes with sliding doors, nice boot space, and rear AC which is controllable. The interior is average if compared with Toyota variants. There is no folding table and leg rest. If you require rear seats, you have to compromise with the boot space which is a common thing about all these cars

Toyota Estima Dashboard
Toyota Estima Interior
Toyota Estima Sliding Door

Having said that, it is a family car, Estima or Previa is a spacious Car. It has a seating capacity for seven people. When the arrangement of the car is a five-seater, it offers a nice boot compartment.

Moreover, you can take the leg rest bed out and sit in a comfortable zone together with your legs extended and feeling respite. Along with it, there is a moon-roof and power back door too. There is a remote control sensor attached to it which keeps the car automatic. It is as simple where you press one button, the door gets open hassle-free.

Toyota Alphard Dashboard
Toyota Alphard Interior
Toyota Alphard Interior

Toyota Alphard comes in different variations and you have the option to access to choose from different shades. You can choose options from the exterior and for the interior; it comes with a silver and gold impression. It is basically a seven-seater car and has an ample amount of boot space when you put the back seats off. The beat is usually manual but the sliding doors are automatic.

Moreover, going much inside, there is room for leg rest with various storage options and also a personal folding table. You may also find an option of memory seats where you can save up to two seating positions. On the other side, there is a leather steering wheel, infotainment, 17 JBL speaker, and personal AC for rear seats.

Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard: Engine

Honda Elysion Engine

The Honda Elysion vehicles equipped with AWD had the engine power was reduced to 279 PS (205.2 kW; 275.2 bhp). For 2WD vehicles, this was more power than that available in the Toyota Estima, which was quoted to be 280 PS (205.9 kW; 276.2 bhp). The 2.4 L i-VTEC K24A that is used in the Honda Elysion.

Toyota Estima Engine

When the engine is taking into consideration, you can have three options such as 2.4 liters six-cylinder engines as well. The all-wheel-drive mechanism lets you drive the car smoothly and peacefully.

Toyota Alphard Engine

The 2.4-litre petrol engine has been developed specifically for use in Toyota Alphard. There are some safety features as well such as pre-crash safety system, seven airbags, Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Vehicle Stability Control.

Final Words on Honda Elysion vs Toyota Estima vs Toyota Alphard

Amongst the options available such as Honda Elysion vs. Toyota Estima vs. Toyota Alphard, Honda is preferable. If one wants to experience a revolutionary engine. Those who prefer luxury instead of interiors, you can go for a Toyota Estima.

Toyota Alphard can be a good choice of all three for the luxury, comfort, driving experience, safety, and reliability but comes with a higher price tag.

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