Honda Fit Hybrid vs Toyota Prius Hybrid

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The Honda fit hybrid vs Toyota Prius Hybrid is two of the most eminent models in the market today. Each of them has something to offer such as fuel economy, plenty of cargo space for a compact car, and a comfortable ride. Both of them can prove to be an excellent cat to buy and a great deal to crack. They are comparable and as a result, people find a little hesitation to decide what the right choice is for them. Which model trumps the other? Let us have a glimpse to find out the most suitable option.


Honda Fit Hybrid vs Toyota Prius: Which to Choose?

Both the Honda Fit Hybrid and Toyota Prius are great options. They offer great fuel economy. Let us here have a quick review in order to compare which one is better.

Features  Honda Fit Hybrid Toyota Prius
Engine Performance118hp98+hp
Fuel Consumption30.3km/L25.6km/L
Key FeaturesVoice ControlBluetoothSafety CameraDynamic Cruise ControlLane Keep AssistSmart Stop Technology

The Honda Fit Hybrid

The 2012 Honda Fit hatchback is an excellent car in its own way. It has a superb fuel economy to offer an amazing driving experience. Having an electric motor as an addition, the Honda fit hybrid becomes an eco-warriors companion. It is robust enough to fight against excessive CO2 emissions and the overconsumption of fossil fuels.


It is a part of the second generation of the Honda fit; the 2012 fit hybrid offers great exterior styling and interior compartments. It has a 2500 mm wheelbase and is 4100 mm long sits 1695 mm wide and has a height of 1525mm. It is a large car for the compact segment.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid

This car is a legend among hybrid cars. It is the first hybrid car to be commercially successful and has created a standard against the rest of the cars. Toyota is continuously striving to improve the Prius.

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Interior and Features Comparison

Every buyer asks for comfort and convenience in the car. Let us here a detailed discussion to see and draw a conclusion.

Honda Fit Hybrid Interior and Features

The Honda Fit Hybrid is a hatchback model having a darker dashboard and standard leather seating. The interior of the car really stands out and has a huge amount of cargo space to offer. The Honda fit offers 23.6 cubic feet with the rear seats upright and 54 cubic feet with the rear seats stowed.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Interior and Features

To sit in a Toyota Prius is like a study of simplicity and minimalist art. The interior of the car is designed using plant-sourced bioplastics, nearly eliminating the petroleum-based plastic form the car interiors. The seat is cloth, but leather feels soften seats are optional at your end.

Fit Hybrid vs Prius Hybrid

Both models are excellent. They both are comfortable rides and better handling. But when driving in the city, the fuel economy is lower. A big point for the Honda Fit is a lower price.

Toyota Prius offers an outstanding fuel economy in urban settings. It also offers better low-end torque. However, the Prius will cost more than Honda.

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