Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida

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Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida: Pick Your New Little Vehicle


Both Honda Fit and Nissan Tiida are well-known and famous names inside the market of a conservative hatchback. The Honda Motors made a reputation for itself by designing and manufacturing reliable, small, and cost-efficient hatchbacks.

We’ve compared Honda Fit and Nissan Tiida to convey you a higher idea about the 2 cars. A side-by-side comparison of Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida is a superb thanks to working out the strengths and weaknesses of those small cars.

Honda Fit vs Nissan Tiida: An Introduction

The price-point of entry-level Honda Fit is slightly on top of most of its competitors. However, it still attracts many consumers because of its versatility, a good range of features, and also the unbeatable resale value of the Honda models. The Fits offer its users the proper blend of favor as well as efficiency and fun driving experience.

On the opposite hand, the target consumer group of Nissan Tiida is that the small families that value a category life. Be that as it may, the vehicle requests to a tremendous number of purchasers on account of its earth-shattering powertrain, solace, and premium styling.

Nissan Tiida vs Honda Fit Comparison


The Positive Sides of Nissan Tiida


The exterior design of Nissan Tiida may be a bit feminine, which is probably going to draw in an enormous number of female consumers. The car also looks a bit different from its rear spoiler, fog lamps, and 16-inch alloy wheels from the opposite models within the range.


However, the inside of the car feels premium and can undoubtedly attract both male and feminine users. The ample legroom within the front and rear sides makes the journey comfortable for the passengers. The spacious boot is adequate for holding the packages of a little family.


The riders will enjoy the facilities just like the six-stack electronic equipment, the sunroof, climate control option, and leather on the handwheel and seats.


The Tiida will provide more driving fun with its 1.8L eight-cylinder petrol engine. The four-speed automatic or the six-speed manual gearbox offers smooth shifts and a straightforward foot lever.

The Positive Sides of Honda Fit


A bit rounder and bolder than its predecessors, the Honda Fit 2010 looks an amount more vigorous thanks to its cab-forward design and sharper-angled headlights. There’s no shortage of passenger headroom thanks to the tall roofline and also the large windows ensure enhanced visibility for drivers.


The interior of the Fit combines both practicality and wonder. Riders’ comfort is guaranteed with adequate headroom, ample legroom, several storage options, and also the folding option for the front and rear seats. Indeed, the collapsed back seats will open up more freight space than the rivalries like Kia Rio or Nissan Versa.


With both manual and programmed drivetrain choices, the Honda Fit sudden spikes in demand for a 1.5L motor. It features the advanced I-VTEC system that enhances engine performance significantly together with maintaining low emissions and good fuel economy.



The latest model of Nissan Tiida offers front-engine and front-wheel drive on the Nissan CMF platform with 1.6 Liters and a 1.8-liter internal-combustion engine. This mated with five-speed manual transmission and CVT transmission that gives easy and smooth shifting and smooth foot lever. Honda Fit comes with a 1.5-liter engine with an advanced I-VTEC system mated with manual and transmission options.


Both the Fit and Versa Note have open, agreeable insides thinking about their little impressions, and everybody is sufficiently huge to hold four grown-ups at the indistinguishable time. The Versa Note’s higher seating position aids ingress and egress. Its rear seat is well a category above the Fit’s rear seats with the space and luxury of a way larger car.


Every hatchback has exceptional tech includes the Fit with its Lane Watch vulnerable side camera. And the Versa Note with its Around View Screen. Honda, however, neglected a number of the fundamentals by failing to incorporate knobs for stereo volume and tuning with the 7-inch touch-screen, instead choosing touch-sensitive controls that aren’t user-friendly. While the Versa Note’s touch-screen is small, its more traditional controls are a welcome sight.


A speedy corner won’t disrupt the Fit or Versa Note; however, the vehicles have essentially a unique guiding feel. The Fit’s precise light-effort steering is created for darting through traffic; while the Versa Note’s weightier steering gives it the texture of a bigger car. While the 2015 Fit is a smaller amount engaging to drive than its predecessor, it’s more entertaining than the Versa Note.


The two vehicles are controlled by little four-chamber motors that group with constantly factor programmed transmissions. Yet the Versa Note’s drivetrain is increasingly refined and delivers progressively unsurprising speeding up from a standing beginning. We just like the Fit’s Sport transmission mode, though, which helps the cause by keeping engine rpm higher.


Firmly tuned suspensions in both the Fit and Versa Note can make the ride feel busy even on smooth surfaces, as even tiny bumps are felt within the cabin. Both cars keep passengers relatively comfortable over bigger bumps. But the Versa Note doesn’t handle rutted city roads also because of the Fit.


You hear the engine and road noise in these cars. But it’s not so excessive that you’ll yell when reprimanding a disciple within the passenger seat. What’s excessive is that the amount of wind noise within the Versa Note’s cabin at highway speeds.

The Verdict

Both cars are efficient enough to possess an area in your garage. Nonetheless, in case you’re feeling that of resale worth and diversion includes, the Honda Fit ought to be your pick. On the contrary, hand, accompany the Nissan Tiida in case you’re up for the sake of entertainment driving with an energetic and amazing motor.

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