Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift

Honda Fit vs Suzuki Swift

Competition is a word that can appear in any sector. In terms of a car, it can be seen among different companies. Like, if we take an example, a car is launched by an automobile company. If it earns success and makes a good sale in the market, other companies also try to launch their models. So that it could compete with that model. Hundreds of cars are visible in today’s market and lots of rivalries are also there between different segments of cars. This time, we are going to represent a comparison between two cars from different companies. Both of them have collected good fame in various sectors of the globe. The first one is Honda Fit and another one is the Suzuki Swift. Let’s begin the comparison of Honda Fit Vs Suzuki Swift by identifying various characteristics.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit, also marketed as Jazz, stands for a presentation from Honda that has been under sale since 2001. This is a car that touched around 5 million buyers in mid-2013. This year, Honda has presented its smallest subcompact in the form of Fit. In this 5-door hatchback car, people can enjoy different aspects like fuel economy and consistency.


The body of this car has got a sporty touch with the assistance of numerous elements. Beginning with the fog lights, they are tied up with the front bumper. For improving its visibility, they have been given in the LED form. These things help navigate poor weather conditions. To enhance its unique visual all around, the rear side is enriched with LED brake lights. Along with that, the rear spoiler and chrome trim helps to deliver a sporty personality of this car.

There are 16-inch alloy wheels in the new segment of Honda Fit. The bodyside molding also adds some stars to its outer looks. They will also assist to protect from door dings. To safeguard your paint from chips and stains, there is an availability of splash guards.


A bunch of facilities has been provided in Honda Fit. Initiating with display audio touch-screen, you can stream audio channels by connecting it with smartphones. Along with that, people can have Apple CarPlay Integration that will keep your focus more on the drive. With this facility, you can easily access directions, music library and messages through the iPhone. There is a premium audio system connected with 6-speakers.

The cabin contains comfortable leather-trimmed seating for a luxurious ride. Apart from that, there is an interesting feature known as ECON mode. It generally optimizes the engine, air conditioning, transmission, and cruise control to assist in saving fuel.

Honda Fit has been given a 6-speed manual transmission and paddle shifters for controlling the shifts for a comfortable drive. One of its major attractions includes a second-row magic seat that can transform into four modes. They are utility, long, tall and refreshing. There is also an LED interior illumination that delivers a pleasing touch to the interior. Here, a soft glow of light is visible in the driver and passenger footwells.

Some other features include a comfortable armrest compartment to store small items. The all-season floor mats will also help you to keep the inside portion clean from wet or muddy appearances.

Performance and Specifications

Being a small-sized car, it proves to be comfortable in the everyday drive. It will assist by its rapid steering response and people will deal finely at the time of twisting roads. There is a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine in the latest version of Honda Fit.  The width is 67 inches and the front headroom contains 39.5 inches. There is a length of 161 inches, the height of 60 inches and the rear headroom holds 37.50 inches.

Suzuki Swift

It is a subcompact car manufactured by Suzuki and is well-renowned in various parts of the world. This car proves to be one of the outstanding units of the company. There has been a tremendous success in this car and thousands of happy customers are there to be found.


There is a lot to tell you regarding this amazing machine. Its previous model was different from the existing one. But if we talk about the present-time Swift, it is enriched with a solid exterior. There is a floating design of the roof with solid shoulder lines.

Along with that, the precision-cut alloy wheels make its appearance classy and stylish. You’ll see an amazing LED rear combination lamp along with an LED high mounted stop lamp. The bumpers have been given according to the color of the body.


Starting with connectivity, Suzuki has added an integrated infotainment system adaptable with Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. With its help, you can have fun and enjoy the journey. Apart from that, the latest version contains auto gear shift, smart key, automatic climate control and push start-stop button. The steering mounted audio controls will deliver the freedom to concentrate more on the drive.

The seats are comfortable in both the front and rear sides. There is a presence of the Heartect Platform in Suzuki Swift that delivers better power and firmness. Most importantly, it improves the level of safety in cases like a crash. The company has added the occurrence of high tensile steel for effective absorption and dispersion of crash energy. With its help, passenger safety ensured inside the cabin.

Some other things include front dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and reverse parking sensors with camera. One more thing to add in this segment is Isofix with the Child Seat Restraint System.

Performance and Specifications

It offers two different kinds of engines, i.e., in diesel and petrol. The diesel engine contains 1248 cc whereas the petrol engine has 1197 cc. The length of this car is around 151 inches. The width contains a total of 68.3 inches and a height of 60.23 inches. There is a boot space of 368 L and a wheelbase of 96.45 inches.

Honda Fit Vs Suzuki Swift-The Final Decision

A lot of aspects are there to find when a person buys a car. And if the thing is about making a comparison between the two, it seems to be a bit tricky. Here are some aspects in which you may get help.


If we have a look at the mileage, it surely depends on the way a driver keeps the car. But, when we inspect the stats given by the company, there isn’t a major difference between them. The reference is about the diesel variant of both the cars. Honda Fit stands around 27 km/pl and Suzuki Swift contains 28 km/pl.


Both the cars Honda Fit vs Suzuki swift are hatchback cars. The price of the Honda Fit is a bit higher than the Suzuki Swift. Though it also offers elevated ccs of the engine. The Jazz VX Diesel contains 1498 cc, while the Swift AMT ZDI Plus has 1248 cc of the engine.

Both cars have their superior qualities. We can guide you through the sources mentioned above. Now, it’s up to you what you’ll choose. Go for the one that comes out with a good choice for you and your family.

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