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Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz - Two Excellent Cars

Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz – Two Excellent Cars

Those looking for the first time may not notice how similar the Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz models are. Both use the 1.5 engines and CVT gearbox, have the adjustment intended for the comfort of their users. Both models enjoy the excellent image of their manufacturers in relation to the public.

But if the models are so similar, what is the best option when purchasing one of these vehicles? In this article, you will have a comparison of the two top-of-the-line versions of the two models mentioned. The Honda Fit is the EXL, while Toyota Vitz, configuration is XLS. Among the lines of the models, these are the ones that make Fit and Vitz more similar.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz – Exterior

Honda Fit Front Exterior
Honda Fit Back Exterior

If you’re shopping for a 2019 Fit, you’ll only have a choice of a 5-door model. Fit’s power and torque are greater, with 116 horses and 15.3 km against 110 hp and 14.9 km, respectively. When it comes to versatility, we cannot deny that Fit wins.

This is due to its body, which has elements of a Hatchback and minivan. Another advantage that we can mention is that the Fit is 6cm taller and has a lower waistline. Because the glass area is larger, the feeling is that the cabin is wider. And if the driver needs more space, it is possible to adjust the seats, folding the backrests, and increasing the trunk to 1,045 liters.

Toyota Vitz Front Exterior
Toyota Vitz Back Exterior

The Vitz, for its part, offers different versions, namely a 3-door model, a 5-door version, or a 4-door sedan. The 2019 Vitz hatchback has a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 106 horsepower.  Vitz has fuel consumption ratings of 7.9 / 6.8 L / 100 km if you opt for an automatic/ And it is 7.8 / 6.5 L / 100 km by choosing a manual transmission. It’s better than the Fit, whose fuel efficiency with a manual gearbox is 8.1 / 6.6 L / 100 km.

Whichever Vitz you choose, you will get the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) suite as standard. It includes other things, pre-collision alert, lane departure warning, and automatic high beam, not to mention a rearview camera.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz – Headlights

Honda Fit Headlights
Honda Fit Headlights

Rotate the switches on the lever to
operate the exterior lights. Push the
lever forward to turn on the high
beams. Return the lever to its original position for low beams.

Toyota Vitz Headlights
Toyota Vitz Headlights

The headlights of Toyota Vitz were rated at “Poor,” and the low-speed automatic emergency braking system that comes standard got a middling “Advanced” rating.

Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz – Performance

Both models have the same displacement of 1.5.  However, one has the perception that the Vitz model is faster than the Fit. The Toyota transmission is able to better balance the ratio of comfort and performance than the Honda, even if the CVT gearbox leaves something to be desired.

Honda Fit Performance
Honda Fit Performance

A bad impression is left by Fit, as the engine speed is too high and does not deliver vigorous responses. In addition, Vitz becomes more economical. However, this difference is compensated by the practically flat central tunnel, giving more comfort to the fifth occupant of the vehicle.

Toyota Vitz Performance
Toyota Vitz Performance

Other amenities you could enjoy with Vitz, include air conditioning, rear-seat heat vents, and heated front seats. It also has the option of the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, cruise control, and keyless reception, just to name a few.

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Honda Fit vs Toyota Vitz – Engine

Honda Fit Engine
Honda Fit Engine

Though it is not the fastest car in the market, the Honda fit is charming, lively, and feels fuel-efficient cars. The 1.5 liters four-cylinder registers an impressive 117 horsepower and it makes a great driving experience.

Toyota Vitz Engine
Toyota Vitz Engine

In Japan, this model is sold as the Vitz. It is available in B, F, I, RS model grades. Engine available ranges from 1 to 1.5-liters starting with the basic B variant to the sporty RS variant featuring a sports package and minor cosmetic bits on its interior and minor tweaks to its suspension.

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