Both Honda Freed vs Nissan Serena are modern-day MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles). MPVs are a modern breed of cars targeted towards families as such focuses on providing sufficient seating and storage capacity, world-class safety features, a comfortable ride, and high tech and luxurious interiors. Let us dive in and find out how these two cars stand against each other.

With the abundance of MPVs in the market, it is rather challenging to find the one that fits your specifications. However, the Japanese used cars Honda Freed vs Nissan Serena are two of the nest MPVs in the market at the moment. However, there are some ways in which these cars are different from one another and set them apart.

Honda Freed bs Nissan Serena: Introduction

Honda Freed

The Honda Freed car from Japan is a multipurpose van that can be used for long-distance driving, urban driving, and medium to large family driving. Now in its second generation since 2016 (GB5). Freed’s 2nd generation was in production from 2008 to 2016 (GB3/GB4).

Japan used cars Honda Freed also offers different grades and model types including the Honda Freed Spike, which is a sportier version of the Freed with added features such as fog lights and 4WD, as well as the Honda Freed Hybrid and Spike Hybrid car which have the same features as their namesakes but come with hybrid engines.

Nissan Serena

The Nissan Serena cars from Japan are compact five-door minivans. The year of the launch of this car is 1991 and since then, it has undergone a series of changes and modifications to render a more sophisticated model. While it has five generations of adjustment, the second generation of this model is the most popular of the lot.

Serena is basically a minivan and the manufacturer is the famous Japanese automobile maker, Nissan. Nissan launched Serena in 1991 as a small passenger van initially which later transformed with each decade. For example, Toyota Noah, Nissan’s Serena got developed and manufactured into the five-generation phase. Serena also went through several different facelifts to produce an improved product.

Honda Freed bs Nissan Serena: Exterior

Honda Freed Exterior
Freed Side View

The Honda Freed car was deliberately designed to look different from other MPVs with its curvier and sleeker lines. Exterior features include fifteen-inch alloy rims and fog lights for higher grades, while lower grades generally come with fourteen-inch steel rims. As with the majority of MPVs, the Honda Freed’s ground clearance is 6.5 inches which means you will need to be cautious when traversing rougher terrain and speed bumps.

Sliding Rear Door:

The Freed comes with sliding rear doors on both sides for easy boarding and alighting. The backdoor lifts upwards to allow you to easily fold or unfold the 3rd-row seats or pack some light luggage into the boot. From the front, the Honda Freed offers medium-sized headlights that blend well into and are level with the body of the vehicle. When comparing the interior and exterior of the Honda Freed vs. the Nissan Serena, the design of the Honda Freed is better overall. In the case that you care both about looks as well as functionality, the Honda Freed is a good option to consider.

Nissan Serena Exterior
Serena Side View

The exterior of the 2009 Nissan Serena harkens back to prior ages of MPVs. it’s a styling that’s faintly paying homage to many models within the MPV class, choosing to tell apart itself through its interior, instead of the outside. Not a foul choice is providing owners to spend way more time inside the Japanese vehicle than admiring it from the surface. Of particular note is that the Nissan Serena with the Highway Star V trim package.

Honda Freed bs Nissan Serena: Interior

Honda Freed Dashboard
Freed Interior

The Honda Freed interior is a comfortable, spacious, and overall enjoyable experience. If you are a car enthusiast, you may notice that Toyota vehicles often offer function over form in regards to the inside of their vehicles. However, Honda on the other hand often provides a richer interior experience even in less expensive models and delivers the Freed with a visually appealing interior, despite the generous use of plastic. Similar to the Toyota Sienta, the gearshift is placed on the dashboard, which creates more leg space for the driver and the front passenger, and the Honda Freed also comes with electric mirrors and windows.

Seating Features:

The Honda Freed is a seven-seater MPV with 3 rows of seats. The 1st-row seats the driver and another passenger, the 2nd-row seats can fit 3 passengers comfortably, and the 3rd-row seats have enough space for 2 adults or kids. The leg and head space are more than enough for even taller adults to travel comfortably. There is enough boot space for storing luggage, however, you may find that the addition of 3-row seats takes up a fair bit of room. However, if you are a small family and you do not need the 3rd-row seats, you can opt to keep them folded to create more boot space.

Nissan Serena Dashboard
Serena Interior

The interior of the 2009 Nissan Serena is additionally simple, with a spotlight on a more active lifestyle. All controls are in easy reach of the driving force, like the Noah. The Serena cars from Japan often equipped with the CARWINGS navigation system. The handwheel features audio controls and a switch to work the twin sliding rear doors.

A gear shifter could be a simple unit sitting just to the left of the handwheel for simple operation. The Serena features a panoramic roof, giving all passengers a desirable view of the sky in any respect times. There are two varieties yet the indistinguishable motor diverse trim level Model C25 contains a standard component and 137 bhp. While Model C25 Rider Elite Specs has 147 bhp.

Many of the features mentioned above are almost like those within the interior of the Toyota Noah. Where the Serena begins to differentiate itself is within the versatility of the seats themselves. However, each passenger seat is often individually folded to the front or rear. It is giving owners the pliability to hold a good style of cargo. You’ll be able to load anything from groceries to a surfboard if you so choose!

Honda Freed bs Nissan Serena: Engine

Honda Freed Engine

The first generation of the Honda Freed car came mainly with an L15A I4, 1.5-liter, four-cylinder, 118 HP engine and this is the same engine that has been used in the Honda Fit hatchback car, of course, with some slight differences. This engine is mated to an automatic five-speed CVT gearbox.

The fuel system for the Honda Freed is direct injection, and it runs on petrol. The Honda Freed fuel consumption is 12.5 km/L for the first generation, and for the Honda Freed Hybrid, the fuel consumption is an impressive 21.7 km/L. With most Honda Freed models sporting a fuel tank capacity of roughly 42 liters, you can go quite far before you have to refill again.

Nissan Serena Engine

The 1997cc engine is quite up to the task of transporting eight passengers by providing 135 bhp. So, full torque is obtainable at just 4400 rpm. However, the motor/transmission mix permits the 2009 Nissan Serena to accomplish up to 13.2 km/l in front-wheel-drive units. Units equipped with full-time four-wheel drive can consistently provide 12.2 km/l for his or her owners.

Additionally, to have a dependable drivetrain, the third generation incorporates a more stable stance. The wheelbase has been expanded as have the length and generally speaking width of the Serena. The effect is an MPV that feels more stable and assured in turns and while cornering. The increased measurements also offer additional room within the passenger cabin.

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