Honda Passport vs Pilot

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Honda Passport vs Pilot: The Honda passport is comparatively a smaller midsize counterpart in comparison with a Honda Pilot. It looks very similar to the pilot. They both have the same chassis and engine. But with the passage of time, the 2019 Honda passport has its own different personality. So if you find any confusion pertaining to the purchase of a smaller or the bigger SUV? We need to dig inside and find out the differences in order to arrive at the conclusion. Both cars are manufactured by Honda Motors.


Interior Space

The main point of difference between the pilot and passport is the seating capacity. In the case of a Honda passport, it seats up to five passengers.

Honda Passport


However, the Honda Pilot can hold a maximum of eight people or seven. This is when it is equipped with captain’s chairs in the second row.



Both the SUVs are having 3.5-liter V-6 Engine making 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. You may not be able to notice a great difference between the two when you merge onto the way.

Honda Pilot


There is always a benefit of having a pilot when its performance is taking into consideration. The larger model is able to deliver at eight in 27.6 seconds at an average 0.62g, beating the passport’s 28.1 seconds at 0.62g. The pilot has the ability to break from 60 mph to a standstill in 120 feet, a full 10 feet less than the passport.

Honda Pilot Dashboard

Off-Road Capability

When it drives over rocks, the suspension is able to absorb the moments in a good sense. But when the road performance is taken into consideration, it is not as well damped as the pilot is able to do.


The passport has 41.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up. It also has 77.9 inches with the seats down. The pilot is able to deliver a bit more room with up to 46.8 cubic feet behind the second row and up to 83.9 cubic feet behind the first row. The pilot is still able to offer 16.5 cubic feet.


In the crash test of government, both the models pilot and passport got 4 stars in the frontal crash category. They also both got five stars in side crashes. On one hand, the pilot received four stars in the rollover test and an overall rating of five stars. On the other hand, the Passport has not yet received ratings in the above two categories.

The Honda Pilot is named as a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS however the passport is not. The smaller model got lost due to its poor headlight ratings. You cannot deny the fact that both received top scores in the following crash categories: small overlap front driver’s side, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraints.

Fuel Economy

Oddly enough, the pilot has a slight fuel economy advantage. The front-wheel-drive pilots return 20/27/23 mpg city/ highway/ combined. Compared with the passport’s 20/25/22 mpg. All-wheel drive pilots net 19/26/22 compared to 1/24/21 for the passport. Both vehicles run on regular gas.

Pricing and Trims

You won’t believe the fact that the passport and pilot have the same or nearly the same prices. Getting to the upper trim levels, the passport becomes a great deal to crack as compared to larger siblings. 

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