How Cars Work

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Have you ever stared at your car and wondered how cars work? Maybe not, right? Well, it is not your fault, nowadays we are so used to the availability of cars and the luxury things and comfort it provides that nobody wants to know how they work anymore.


Nevertheless, from each nut and bolt to huge automotive parts, the way a car function is absolutely amazing and elegant. Are you trying to figure out how a car works?

How Does a Car Engine Work?

In simple words, a car’s engine is generally an internal combustion engine in which, as the name implies combustion takes place internally. Now, there are many different types of internal combustion engines, such as gas turbines, diesel engines, two-stroke engines, rotary engines, and HEMI engines.

But since most cars regularly run on petrol nowadays, the focus of this article will be on gasoline engines. So, how does the engine use internal combustion to create energy?

The principle of any reciprocating internal combustion engine is to insert a little high-energy fuel, such as gasoline in a short enclosed space and ignite it. The ignition causes an incredible amount of energy to be produced in the form of an expanding gas, which thus powers your vehicle. Now, the engine uses what is called a ‘4-stroke combustion cycle’ to convert energy into gasoline and then motion.

These four strokes include intake stroke, compression stroke, the combustion stroke, and exhaust stroke. Engine components include the crankshaft, rod bearings, connecting rod, pistons, exhaust port, exhaust valve, spark plugs, oil sump, oil pump, engine block, coolant, head, intake port, intake valve, valve cover, and camshaft.

How the Transmission Works

It does not matter what kind of a transmission system is installed in the car’s engine. As each of them has the same function. This function is to transmit the mechanical power produced from the engine to drive wheels. Otherwise, how else would a car move?

The transmission of the vehicle also plays an important role. It is helpful in reducing the revolutions of the crankshaft through the use of interlocking gears.

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