How is the vehicle shipped?

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How is the vehicle shipped?: There is always a need to ship a car from one country to another country. Shipping is possible through two methods, RO-RO and Container shipment. There can be any of the situations that you need to ship a car from part of the country to another. Maybe you are deciding to purchase a car from an online portal or a dealership or maybe relocating a job. There can be a possibility that you wish to ship a car to your relative. If we ship a car to a long distance can be a costly deal to crack. But if you prefer to weigh that against flying to pick your car. The involvement of time and expense and driving it home is usually worth it.


If you plan to ship a car we need to consider the following points in mind:

Be prepared to wait

Auto-shipping isn’t like shipping a package: it is not going to happen overnight. If you ship a vehicle from one country to another, it usually takes six to eight weeks. Though car shipping does not take so long. However, the auto transportation companies need some leeway in case the shipment of the vehicle undergoes an issue.

Enclosed Auto Transport vs. Open Carrier:  if you want to ship a car, an uncovered or open carrier can be less expensive. But there can be a situation that your vehicle can be susceptible to the elements and debris. Such debris may come into contact and fly in the path of the truck. In case you choose to prefer covered transport, it gives the vehicle protection while shipment. But at the same time, the average cost of the car reaches 60% more. Such enclosed or covered carriers are useful at the time of shipment of high value or classic cars. The reason is that they offer better protection and safety.

Scheduled Pickup or Open Transport?

Generally in most of the cases, auto Transport Company will contact you when they have a truck with an open slot that is going towards your direction. If you choose to prefer an exact date, it can cost you extra.

Research Prices and the Company

There are a variety of companies to offer the services and it is the most difficult to choose. If we choose to prefer online, we get to know the mixed response which makes the situation baffled. Once you make the shipment choice, strongly do thorough research, read views online and every nook and corner. Nonetheless, whom you contact, talk to a variety of shippers, and go with the one which gives you the best vibe. Select in terms of price and competitiveness.

Other pricing variables

Consider other aspects as well such as the location, vehicle size and season. If we consider the season, few people like to transport cars in winter. But at the same time, you may have difficulty in arriving the vehicle at the prompt time.

Vehicle size:  at the time of carriage of big vehicles they tend to take more space. If this is a case of heavier cars they add more cargo weight which makes a more expensive deal.

Check your insurance coverage

It is pertinent to ask the company’s liability insurance in case of any mishappenings to the vehicle during transport. It is also important to ask what coverage you have in the event of any mishappenings. Lastly, inspect the vehicle for damage.

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