How Long can Hi-Ace Van Run on an Empty Fuel Tank?

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How Long can Hi-Ace Van Run on an Empty Fuel Tank: The concept of electric cars has become well-known news in the market. But still, millions of vehicles across the world are based on fuels like petrol or diesel. Just like our body depends on a combination of factors to be alive, a vehicle remains useless in the absence of various components.


For example, if there is everything to see and the engine is missed. Or what if one of the tires isn’t found! How a driver can move the vehicle without steering or brakes?

Here, the example has been given to tell our readers that even a common thing can affect the performance of a vehicle. Out of such things, one chief component whose presence is compulsorily required is the fuel. Here in this section, we will tell you some things when the Hi-Ace Van runs on an empty fuel tank. But, before that, it is necessary to inform our readers about special instructions.

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Things to Remember

Exploring the fuel meter on ‘F’ (full) seems to be a delightful feeling for many people. But what if it comes down to ‘E’ (end)! Sometimes this condition can prove to be worse especially when you find yourself on a busy road.

For example, you’re moving on a highway and suddenly notice that the fuel tank is going to be empty. Along with that, keeping the fuel tank empty can cause damage to your vehicle. There can be damage to the pump. That’s why the driver needs to be cautious.

How Long can Hi-Ace Van Run on an Empty Fuel Tank?

Your van can’t survive for many miles after getting the low fuel warning light. Only a particular amount of gas is remained to cover some miles. Usually, when the indication of warning arises; around 10-15 % of the fuel remains in the tank.


Like, if the capacity of your Toyota Hi-Ace Van is around 70 liters, the reserve fuel will be around 7-10 liters. And it gives a mileage of around 12 km/liter. Multiplying the remaining fuel to its mileage can give us an idea about the distance. Like, it can cover anyway around 85-100 kilometers of distance.

But remember, such things are based on estimations. The digits may vary on different factors. If you’re running low in terms of fuel, try not to wait for the tank to be empty. It will be good for you as well as your Hi-Ace van to refill it when the warning light indicates.

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