How Much Is Maintenance Cost?

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How Much Is Maintenance Cost?: When considering to purchase a car, you have to realize that the money you pay is not written anyplace on anything you will see on the financing papers. Aside from purchasing the vehicle. There are plenty of hidden costs that we sometimes don’t think about, some of which have to do with the vehicle we buy, but also with our own habits.


For example, let’s say you are considering purchasing a brand new car or Japan used car Toyota RAV4, one of the world’s most-popular crossover SUVs. Of course, you will make a down payment and monthly payments on the car itself, but there are some other things that you’ll have to pay for, as well. Depending on how much you drive, refueling can get quite expensive. Fortunately, the RAV4 is fairly economical.

The Forgotten Cost

Repairs might seem obvious because you might not able to drive the car if certain repairs are not made. Maintenance, on the other hand, seems to be the most forgettable of all of these costs. After all, you will get a bill each month for insurance and car payment, and the fuel tank lets you know when it’s empty, but it seems so easy to ignore the “Maintenance Required” light.

Staving off Repairs

As discussed, regular maintenance is critical to the life of your vehicle. Avoiding oil change only sets up your engine for engine oil sludging and eventual failure. Because the new car warranty does not cover catastrophic engine failure due to lack of maintenance, it might cost you as much to replace the engine, all because of skipping a few amounts of oil changes.

Maintaining Efficiency

Of course, huge repair costs are not the only reason to hold with your regular maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance of the engine, transmission, brakes, and tires, also keeps your car running at its most efficient. Efficiency straight affects how much fuel you burn. Even in the best circumstances, you’ll spend nearly double as much on fuel as you would on maintenance and repairs.

However, if you neglect maintenance and repairs, you can expect fuel consumption to increase, meaning you will pay at the pump more often than necessary. For example, even if the engine seems to be working fine, an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) or “Check Engine” light means there is something wrong.

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