How to Avoid Car Sickness?

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Car sickness is a mysterious problem and can be relatable for those who are prone to it. It is very important to avoid car sickness. Even researchers are unable to identify the logic behind motion sickness. Every time we take a car trip, some people feel discomfort and keep silent in order to avoid car sickness.


It is pertinent to identify why car sickness affects most of the people. Moreover, It has nothing to do with the age, any person of any age can be prone to it. People have a perception that those who get migraines are most likely to suffer motion sickness.

Apart from it, people who generally take some kind of medications like antibiotics, asthmatic treatments are prone to more car sickness.

Due to genetic or some other reason, car sickness can be a major problem for those who plan for a family vacation. Therefore, it is important to try various remedies to avoid car sickness and enjoy the trip.

Here are some tips to alleviate car sickness:

Bland Pre-tip meal

Try to avoid spicy food and rich, greasy meal heading towards the journey. If it is a long route, try to take small meals. If the journey is short, try to avoid the food until you reach the destination. The intake of bland snacks is less likely to attack the stomach.

Prefer item having ginger or peppermint

To prevent nausea, they are known to be the best remedies. Candies having the flavor of ginger or peppermint or some kind of mint balls are the best source to avoid sickness. It is suggestible to eat some candy of peppermint while going on a journey, this prevents car sickness. The reason is it diverts our minds. We can enjoy the journey without feeling any kind of dis comfortable and easy-going.

Pull off Video game

In case you are reading a novel, a book, a movie, and especially binge-watching. It is better to avoid while going in a car for a journey. Such activities cause dizziness and lead to motion sickness. When the eyes and inner ear send mixed signals to the brain which ultimately leads to confusion and causes sickness.

It is always advisable to look at the views while traveling as it diverts our minds. This really helps in avoiding car sickness.

Open Window

When you like you have car sickness, just let the window open and let the fresh air get in to receive proper ventilation. Look for distraction: If you have the sickness, try to divert the mind and listen to songs and enjoy the weather.

Stop the car frequently: if you are prone to car sickness, try to stop the car at a rest stop and as and when the situation demands. Get out of the car and start walking, this will help you feel fresh. You can also prefer to drink some cold water or soft drinks and even glucose to give you instant energy.

Consider Medication: If the situation is still worse, you can take the help of a professional expert. Ask the doctor and take his prescribed medication in the car to avoid mayhem.

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