How to Change Brake Caliper?

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When you think of how to change brake caliper, it might look difficult and consider as a major repair. But in actual sense it is not at all hard and in fact can be repaired in a few hours. The reason behind changing the brake calipers is due to caliper’s cylinder boot breaks. The cylinder boot is a part of the caliper. It is a fluid that is essential when the cylinder pushes the brake pads. It is against the rotors to make the vehicle stop.


Following are the steps to change the brake calipers

Set up

Before replacing the brake calipers there is an essential and utmost requirement that is set up. Where we are replacing the brake caliper, we need to jack the vehicle up on the side. Secondly, we need to place the jacks stands beneath the vehicle. Then remove the wheel and place container under the brakes to nab the brake fluid.

Removal of old calipers

Next is to remove the brake calipers. We need to remove the bolt that attaches the brake line to the caliper. To hold the caliper, there are basically two bolts. If there is any difficulty in removing the bolts due to insufficient space.

You can turn the steering wheel to make sufficient space. After the bolts are out, take a rubber mallet and carefully tap the caliper off the rotor. Then remove the old brake pads and keep them aside.

Replace new caliper

You need a C-clamp and small board and place the board over a cylinder. Take off the c clamp and tighten it until the cylinder is properly placed in. The utmost requirement is to insert the bleeder nut which is alike grease fitting into the hole of the caliper.

Then put the brake pads back into the caliper in the same way they come out. Then replace the bolts and reattach the brake line into the caliper.

Bleeding the brakes

We need someone to get inside the vehicle when we bleed the brakes. We need to identify the area where we can add brake fluid and begin adding fluid. The person inside the car needs to compress the brakes three times.

They have to hold the pedal all the way down on the third pump. After that, we can lose the bleeder nut not much but a little. The requirement is to allow the air to come out of the line.

We have to repeat the steps until we are successful in removing air from the line. Then take a test of your brakes and top off the brake fluid in your driveway before you enter traffic.

Extremities to note down:

  1. Do not drive hastily especially when you are testing the brakes.
  2. Turn on the hazard lights while testing in case there is an emergency.
  3. Do not drive a vehicle on a busy street as there are chances of any sort of mishappenings if the brakes are not working properly.
  4. If you feel your brakes are soft, just press them till it touches the floor and needs to bleed the air out.

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