How to Drive Better Off-Road

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It is very important to drive carefully especially if it is off-road. The trip can be adventurous and confusing so we must know how to drive. One must know the basics to drive better off-road.


The vehicles generally have key systems that play an off role. It is very important to understand them. In order to get true off-road experience with SUV cars, it is important to explore the latest SUVs.

Here is a brief lesson on how to drive better off-road

4X4 high:  there is huge utilization of all-purpose four-wheel-drive mode in most cases. As against 2 wheel drive, there is generally engagement of all four wheels and potencies by the powertrain.

4X4 low:  when we engage lower gear ratio, four-wheel drive mode delivers high torque to the wheels. It also lowers down the maximum speed. It is helpful in slower off-road, rock crawling.

Differential locking: it is popularly known as “diff lock”. It is basically the speed at which the wheel runs. In the 4X4 standard mode, the wheel spins at a different speed in order to compensate patchy terrain. When there is a lock-in differential, all the wheels move at the same speed.

Approach angle: It is the maximum incline angle that a vehicle can climb or descend without any contact of any part of the body with the driving surface.

Wheelbase: there should be a distance  from the center of a truck’s front wheel to the center of the rear wheel

Wheel travel: it is the maximum distance in which a wheel can move up and down. The more they travel, the more capable is the suspension system and better on and off-road traction.

Off-road adventure essentials

  1. Mobile phone
  2. First aid kit
  3. Navigational Aids
  4. Portable Air compressor
  5. Heavy rope
  6. Full gas tank
  7. Spare tire

An extra thing to recommend

  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. Shovel
  3. A spare tank of water
  4. A spare tank of fuel
  5. Two-way radios for communication

Certain tips and trick to keep in mind

If the terrain type is gravel, dry dirt, grasslands, trail driving is the simplest and safest of your off-roading options. If you are a beginner it is a good choice to make. It is suggestive to not attempt steep climbs or descents or water crossings.

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