How to Measure Average Gas Mileage

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How to Measure Average Gas Mileage: The drivers of the car are very much concerned regarding the gas mileage their car is getting. The reason is very clear, due to the cost of gasoline fluctuating between expensive and astronomical.


It is not that tough and very simple method to calculate the vehicle’s average gas mileage with the help of some easier steps. The steps to calculate the average gas mileage is as follows:

Steps to calculate average gas mileage:

First Step

Firstly you need to calculate the capacity of a gas vehicle’s gas tank. The information regarding the capacity of the vehicle’s gas tank can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. The gas tank capacity of the vehicle ranges from ten gallons for small compact cars to forty gallons in case of large trucks or SUVs.

Second Step

Then you are required to fill it up. Afterward, you need to fill up the gas tank of your vehicle until it reaches the full level. Generally, the gas pumps have a mechanism that they are able to stop the flow of the gas line.

When the tank gets full the mechanism stops the flow of gasoline. When you turn on the car, it is important to make sure that the gas tank manifests that the tank is completely full.

Third Step

When you dig inside and see the gas pump how much money you need to pay for your gas. Firstly you need to notice the reading and analyze the number of gallons you purchased. Reading should be exact regarding the number of gallons you bought to the 100th of a gallon.

The number it so manifests must be close to the total gas capacity as per the listing in the owner’s manual. Then you need to make a note of this amount. The gas pump so utilized in the case it does not have the function. Then you can divide the total amount of your gasoline with the price per gallon.

Fourth Step

Then the important thing is to set your trip odometer. The odometer is typically located on your dashboard. You need to set by pushing a button located around the speedometer or RPM gauge.

You have to make sure that you need to complete the step as soon as possible to fill the tank with gas. Also to make sure before you begin to drive make sure the tank is full. Then drive the car in the same normal way.

Fifth Step

Until and unless the gas light comes to drive the vehicle as it indicates what you need to refill your tank.  At this point in time make a note of the odometer reading for the trip. You need to set it when you fill your tank.

Last Step

Now the last step is to do some calculation. Then Divide the total number of miles you drove on the tank of gas with the number of gallons of gas. The solution to the problem is the average miles per gallon of gas that the vehicle gets.

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