How to Replace Brake Lights

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When we realize brake light burning out, it is actually not a convenient thing. It is always better to have somebody to check them and replace brake lights. But it is not necessary that there is always going to be somebody to help you come out.


The best way to check your brake light without laying extra leg is to set brick or something heavy enough. Put something heavy on the brake pedal to trigger the brake lights to come on. If the light of the brake is slow to come is dimmer than usual, then it is certain brake light may be failing.

Replacing brake lights bulb, the following are the materials we require

  1. 1/4th extension
  2. Ratchet
  3. 1/4th socket set-metric
  4. Dielectric grease
  5. Replacement bulbs
  6. Screw driver-Philips
  7. Screwdriver-slotted
  8. Torx driver- T10, T15, or T20.

Easy access bulb replacement

It has become easier due to some manufacturers to replace bulbs in cars and SUVs by allowing access. If you have access, you just have to easily open up the flap. You may also open up the bark light lens. By accessing the inside of the brake light lens, you are able to see the brake light bulb socket.

Locate the mounting bolts

When you locate the mounting bolts, it is obvious to guess the location but some are covered by cosmetic covers that are easy to pop off.

Remove the mounting bolts

When you are able to find the mounting bolts, remove and set the bolts aside.

Remove the tail light lens

Most of the tail light assemblies come right off. Always heed to the direction the tail light is installed and pull straight out.

Locate the burnt bulb

Once the removal of tail light assembly is done, locate the brake light bulb socket. In case you are not sure about the brake light, it means either somebody has depressed the brake pedal. It can be as someone turn on your hazards.

Remove the brake light bulb

There is a release tab at bulb socket, turn it anti-clockwise to remove. It is important to make sure that lights are off and the bulb is cool to touch. Then pull the brake light bulb out of the socket.

Identify the correct light bulb

After the removal of the brake light bulb, take a look at the numbers on the bulb and match them to the new bulb.

Apply dielectric grease

In order to brake light bulb socket, apply dielectric grease. A pea-shaped amount is sufficient to apply to the socket.

Install the bulb

Take off a new bulb and install it into the brake light socket.

Mount brake light socket

Match the tabs on the socket and tail light lens. If once you insert it, turn clockwise to lock.

Test the brake light function

Before you mount the brake light lens, take the brake light function.

Install the tail light

Start installing the taillights, line up the mounting holes and start the mounting bolts.

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