Hyundai County vs Toyota Coaster: Minibus Comparison

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Minibus Comparison

In this Minibus Comparison article, we are going to discuss the two infamous buses. Firstly, the Hyundai County, manufactured by Hyundai, of course. Secondly, the Toyota Coaster manufactured by Toyota. We will try to share every important feature of both the buses but please forgive us if we left something in this Hyundai County vs Toyota Coaster. So, without wasting any more time, Let’s get started with the Hyundai County.


Hyundai County Minibus Comparison


The Hyundai County is a Single-Decker Buses manufactured by the multinational automotive manufacturer, Hyundai. It absolutely was introduced in 1998 as a successor to the Chorus. It’s primarily available as city buses as well as tourist buses.


As a product of Hyundai advanced testing as well as manufacturing facilities, the County meets the best standards of performance, durability, and safety.

Long and Standard Body

It’s the County, which offers the greatest solace to your travelers. Moreover, its reasonable and useful outside mirrors guarantee brilliant all-around vision. The Hyundai County is remarkable in each form.

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New Technology for Advanced Protection.

Anti-Lock Brake System: produce the vehicle to a secure, controlled stop while driving under slippery road conditions. (Package option with disc brakes)

Plate Brakes: For more secure stops, Hyundai offers circle brakes which incorporate a cushion wear marker. (Choice)

Burden Sensing Proportioning Valve: For increasingly secure stops, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve explicitly circled brakes pressure between the front and back wheels relying upon the spread of the explorer. (Deluxe option)

Fumes Brake: Very compelling while at the same time slowing down on steep drops, the motor fumes brake diminishes go down the wheel brakes. (Deluxe option)

9+10 Brake Booster: Large size tandem booster provides lots of hydraulic brakes pressure to significantly reduce pedal force requirements.

Electro Static Immersion System: Engineered with Computer-Aided-Design instruments, the new box-type outline speaks to a significant improvement over the past rail-type also offers more prominent obstruction against bowing and torsional powers.

Suspension Frame: Electrostatic drenching framework promises one hundred pc inclusion for more noteworthy opposition against rust.


A Coach bus with a Passion for Travel. The open inside guarantees top tier comfort for travelers and also encourages traveler connection. Stanchion bars assure passenger’s safety as well as luxury. With the extra rear door, the new County emphasizes comfort for entry and exit.

Programmed Folding-Door: The auto-collapsing entryway will give long periods of easy usage (Deluxe model)

Door Step: the fundamental feature of deters theft and prevents accidental starting.

Swing Out Type Door: swing Type gateway gives a detailed enhancement to the body lines. Besides, they should be been upgraded for calmer activity and simpler access. (Deluxe option)



Front Bumper and Fog Lamp: an outsized and durable front bumper adds a muscular note to the elegant body styling theme while the built-in fog lamps provide additional illumination for greater safety in rain and fog.

Back Bumper: However, One piece-type steel guard is delicately adjusted around the edges for a delicate look that coordinates the structure topic.

Fixed Type Side Glass: Fixed sort side glass upgrades the style, as well as offers, improved permeability. (Discretionary)



Perfection in Form and performance

Spacious Cabin: For more prominent traveler comfort, the lodge is currently more extensive and taller, as a result, it creates top tier solace and accommodation.

Full-Formed Headliner: The County’s main event obtains railroad vehicle innovation to shape a completely framed, exquisitely molded surface that upgrades inside style. (Package option with A/con)

Bucket-Type Driver Seat: Superior performance adjustable seats provide a cradle of comfort and also are effective at alerting the motive force.

Steering Wheel: it’s plenty more luxurious by applying 3D “H” logo emblem on the wheel.

Fuel Lid Center Locking System: Cable-activated fuel top focus locking framework, as a result, it makes powering simpler.

Driver’s Hanger: there’s a holder that you basically can put on your jacket to downsize your distress during driving.

Cooling Louvers and Reading Lamps: Louvers are introduced over every front seat pointed exactly. Pipes are currently bigger for improved wind stream (accessible with the A/Con bundle choice inside the Deluxe model).

Overhead Shelves: Neatly styled overhead shelves provide a handy place for passengers to hide out their belongings. (Accessible with A/con bundle alternative on the Deluxe model)

Toyota Coaster Minibus Comparison

Toyota Coaster is a minibus that’s manufactured by Toyota. The coaster includes a large capaciousness and it can be used as an RV and it also can be used as a conveyance in many countries. The bus is manufactured in Japan and it’s exported to all or any parts of the planet. The bus is incredibly famous everywhere the planet and also the main reason behind the recognition of this bus is its strong body and huge capaciousness.


The Toyota coaster price is additionally moderate and it gives huge benefits to the shoppers. Many alternative companies have copies of the look of this coaster bus but no company has been ready to achieve such durability within the structure.

Toyota Coaster-Over the Years

The Toyota Coaster bus is part of three ages and furthermore, the original of this liner bus propelled in 1969. Furthermore, the creation of this coaster proceeded until 1981. The second generation of this coaster launched within the year 1982 and also the production continued till 1993. The third generation launched within the year 1993 and it absolutely given facelifts twice in 2001 and 2007. In the beginning, the coaster bus had the capaciousness of 17 people and it absolutely was increased to 22 people within the later models.


The Toyota coaster bus additionally called Hino Liesse II in some parts of the planet. The 4th gen of Toyota Coaster announced in December 2016 and was available for the shop in January 2017.


Many coasters are equipped with one door but the Toyota Coaster is provided with two doors. With the assistance of two doors, it is very easy to load and unload heavy materials from the coasters, and also the passengers can move in and out very easily. The ground of the coaster created of high-quality plastic and rubber.

The bus assembled in Japan and prime quality ensured when making this minibus. Different engine sizes are available on this bus and you’ll choose the engine in line with your needs and desires. The bus offered in manual additionally as an automatic transmission. The manual transmission bus is more successful than the automated one because it’s easier to drive than the automated one. The length of this bus is 6.2 meters and also the overall width of this bus is 2 meters. The weight of this bus is around 5000 kg.


The Minibus Comparison comes with many features and outfitted with man highlights, for example, cooling to make the bus cold and cool, power steering to drive easily, programmed entryways for the comfort of the driver. A small refrigerator is also present on this bus so that you can enjoy chilled drinks while going on a long trip.

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