Hyundai Sonata vs Kia Optima

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Two cars, Hyundai Sonata vs Kia Optima, from mid-sized sedans, are ready to compete with each other. Here, we are talking about two astonishing styled cars belonging from different companies. The first one is the Hyundai Sonata and it will be differentiated with Kia Optima. We will first define the qualities of both the sedans specifically and then will get to know about their differences.


Kia Optima

Those who are taking interest to purchase the all-new segment of Kia Optima, this can prove to be a very good option. It is because there are so many advanced facilities that the company has mentioned in this car. Like, if we talk about its safety features, there are active headrests.


They are productive to prevent neck and spine injuries. Along with that, it consists of a standard drive and passenger frontal airbags, front-wheel drive, crashes mitigating brakes, and traction control. Even you will see electronic stability systems to avoid skidding, four-wheel antilock brakes, driver alert monitors, and rearview cameras.

Kia Optima Interior

You can also discover a sequential manual gearbox (SMG) inside the Optima. It contains a good passenger space and its engine proves to be more powerful than the Hyundai Sonata. Talking about its engine, there is a 2.4 l inline-4 engine. If you want to proceed through higher trims, there is a turbocharged 1.6 l or 2.0 l availability.

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai is a well-renowned company and many of its features prove to be delightful for the buyers. In the fresh arrival of the Hyundai Sonata, the company has brought various changes to attract the minds.


Firstly beginning with the surround-view monitor, it uses cameras that are located around the car. Along with that, there is a remote smart parking assist feature in limited models. You can also see a 10.25-inch navigation and entertainment system.

Hyundai Sonata Interior

The Sonata is enriched with a standard 2.5 l inline-4 that can deliver 191 horsepower and 181 lb-ft torque. As an option, the customer can get a 1.6 l engine able to produce 180 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. A range of options like Sonata’s push-button gear selector and Android Auto CarPlay is there to see.

Which One Can Be The Best Option?

The Kia Optima has brought a new suite of standard technology elements for this year. If we talk about its EX and SX trims, there is an availability of standard smartphone wireless charging. When the thing is about LX and S trims, you will see an improved forward-collision avoidance system with pedestrian detection.

In terms of Hyundai Sonata, it has entered into its eighth generation for this year. Its rear-seat legroom can prove to be plenty for full-sized adults. If we look at the similarities between both these sedans, there is a suite of standard safety and technology features.

Some people prefer to make the Hyundai Sonata as their choice. It is because it offers more features than the Optima. Along with that, it has been mentioned that the Sonata provides a better experience for both drivers and passengers.

On the other side, some people mention Kia Optima to be a good choice based on safety, performance, and reliability. Now, it depends on your choice of interest to prefer the best out of these two. Both cars Hyundai Sonata vs Kia Optima are sedan cars.

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