Hyundai Veloster N vs Honda Civic Type R

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Hyundai vs Honda

Hyundai Veloster N vs Honda Civic Type R- Car Comparison


You realize an automaker is not kidding about execution when it has a special interest in a piece of the letter set. Letters are quick, especially once you progress past tacky B and lazy H into the last 66%, where M, R, and S change large scale manufacturing boredom into processing plant constructed adrenaline. That is actually what we’ve here: two customary economy vehicles overengineered into track-able front-wheel-drive hot trapdoors dropped at us by the letters N and R. Their speed, hold, and showy behavior made them cluck like Elmo.

Brought into the world under the consideration of ex–BMW M supervisors, Hyundai‘s early N division respects both Namyang—and the popular Nürburgring Nordschleife. The division’s 1st fare to the States, the 3-entryway Veloster N comes bearing a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4, 6-speed manual transmission, and powder-blue safety belts. The Veloster N comes with 250 horsepower. In any case, potential purchasers ought to consider the Performance bundle on our test vehicle obligatory gear. It adds 25 horsepower, electronically adjustable dampers, an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, larger brakes, a vigorous exhaust, and an upsize from 18- to 19-inch wheels. Beyond that, the choices list looks the same as the Honda Civic Type R’s, which is to mention that you just can choose between a limited selection of paint colors.

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To keep weight and value under control, both these cars forgo a number of the luxuries you would possibly expect during this price range. There aren’t any sunroofs, no heated or powered seats, and therefore the Veloster’s touchscreen doesn’t include navigation. This can be fine with us. within the case of the Civic, we’d prefer to subtract from—rather than add to—the red-splashed cabin and therefore the exterior festooned with overwrought styling elements to form it less of a four-wheeled caricature.

2nd Place: 2019 Hyundai Veloster N


While this does not make our jobs any easier, the N does carve out an intriguing niche. Keeping with the long-standing Hyundai convention, the Veloster N packs large an incentive into a clean bundle, and this capacity to fight at a surprisingly high-level class is the reason we put it up against the top-hole Civic.


Strip the sort R from the image and therefore the N’s track numbers are at the pinnacle of the front-drive hot-hatch class. The scramble to 60 mph takes simply 5.2 seconds. Grip registers at 0.97 ground the skidpad and a stop from 70 mph require but 154 feet.


The N steers turn in quickly and balance nicely. The engine‘s 260 pound-feet of torque, available from 1450 RPM, yanks the car off the road with an urgency that does not abate until the 6750-RPM redline. A profound drone radiates from the turbo four-chamber inside a similar key as a VW GTI’s, while the dynamic framework transforms any street into an objective scope of pops and breaks.

At 11.5 inches shorter than the Civic, the Veloster is snugger behind the front seats. Grown-ups can do short spells inside the back, however, they won’t have them throughout the day comfort offered by the roomier Civic. at that point, there’s the matter of the three-entryway Veloster’s uncommon openings. Back seat inhabitants must abandon through the traveler side back entryway rather than move over the driver’s seatback, car style.

The Veloster N could be a great hot hatch, and it marks an admirable freshman effort from Hyundai’s budding performance division. The notion of what a sporty Hyundai can and maybe has come a protracted way from the Tiburon and therefore the Genesis coupe.

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1st Place: 2018 Honda Civic Type R


Living with the Civic Type R, we will not quite determine whether we’re old and cynical or hopelessly juvenile. each time we spot that gaudy wing, the bizarre strakes on the roof, the large fake vents within the fascias, and therefore the abundant imitation carbon fiber, we start scanning for hooligan kids up to no good. Eventually, we realize we are the ones holding the keys to the car. Then we drive the thing and desire, well, hooligan kids.


The Civic Type R recovers its styling—to say the least—by driving like no other front-wheel-drive vehicle living. The steering talks back, and therefore the foot pedal is often on alert. The understeer that hardly exists is squirreled away under a mountain of grip.


Sophisticated damping makes Honda‘s taut body control livable. Regardless of riding on firm springs, the Civic smooths hard effects into quieted pounds. The ride quality is considerably increasingly great once you consider that the position of safety Continental SportContact 6 elastic is adequately Saran-folded over the 20-inch wheels.

Even during a crowded field of sport compacts and hot hatches, the sort R exists during a class of 1. It conveys execution comparable to Porsches for the cash of a well-prepared family vehicle. It cuts nation streets and stands the everyday routine. With this Civic, Honda has re-established the authority of the sort R badge. Hopefully this point it’s quite just a fling.

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