IHI Machinery: An Overview

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Overview of IHI Machinery

IHI Machinery generally knows as Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Corporation Limited is a Japanese company that produces ships, industrial machines, power station boilers, other facilities as well as other transport-related machinery. Turbochargers, Especially used in passenger automobiles. IHI was built up as the Ishikawajima Shipyard in 1853. It evolved into a comprehensive heavy-industry manufacturer that can contribute to social progress by relentlessly pursuing technological excellence and by cultivating advanced engineering capabilities.


Additionally, it underpins farming with hardware for developing, preparing, seeding, gathering, as well as different undertakings. Garden upkeep machines, grass cutters, and grounds greening gear help keep up scenes and yards at a variety of sports offices. IHI’s equipment is also utilized heavily at schools, parks, riverbanks, and homes.

History of IHI Machinery


1853:- Firstly, Establishment of Ishikawajima Shipyard.

1945:- Particularly, the company name is changed to ” Ishikawajima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.”.

1957:- Tanashi Aero-Engine Plant opens as a factory specializing in jet engines.

In 1973:- Firstly, created cranes for the mechanized distribution center secondly, different transports.

In 1985:- Achieved absorption-type merger as well as crane maker Ishikawajima Crane Co., Ltd.

IHI Machinery Models

IHI Grass/Rice Straw Baling Machine

IHI Machinery: An Overview

By this machine, the forages such as grass and rice straw picked up from the field, cut into small pieces, and baled in a cylindrical shape. IHI has renewed the design of the machine in the pursuit of “easy-to-use” through the innovation of design engineering.

IHI Maize Baler Wrapper

IHI Machinery: An Overview

This machine revolutionized the process of silage work. As a result, no one has been able to imagine chopped materials could be formed into a cylindrical shaped bail wrapped by a machine until this machine was launched because any conventional balers did not work for this purpose at all. Two in one function, bailing & wrapping also contributed to a labor-saving operation leading to cost reduction as well as utilizing domestic materials as many as possible.

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IHI Grasscutter

IHI Machinery: An Overview

IHI grass cutter for river banks and steep ski slopes where the job would be troublesome. Particularly equipped with various functions for steep slopes such as swing operator’s floorboard.

IHI Rotary lawnmower

A wide variety of products available from models for consumers with easy use and maintenance particularly for the professionals.

Reel fairway mower

Above all, Achieves beautiful finish suitable for sports grounds such as greens and fairways of golf courses and soccer grounds that require high-quality manicure cut.

Small fertilizer spreader

Full features in a compact body for easy operation to realize very sufficient operation of spreading chemical fertilizer in small fields. in the event that you input fundamental information, for example, spreading sum, tractor speed, and so on into the controller, the machine has a lot of perfect spreading conditions through programmed alteration of the shade opening degrees.

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