Import of Used Cars Ban in Thailand

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Import of Used Cars Ban in Thailand: “All used vehicles which were imported for personal use will be seized and destroyed instantly, after Dec 10.”


According to Keerati Ratchano (Director-General of the Foreign Trade Department), his department is getting ready for a ban on importing used cars to Thailand, to be introduced in December by the Commerce Ministry.

The ban on import of used cars first introduced in July will come into force on December 10.

The aim of this ban is to reduce air pollution and improve road safety.

There will be implications for all who are attempting to import a used car for personal use.

Also, there will be no auction of seized cars like in the past, and the owners will be fined a sum 5 times of the imported value.

There can be exceptions for special vehicles that donated to non-profit organizations or government and state enterprises. It contains ambulances, cranes, fire trucks, and tractors.

This ban applied only to the importation of used cars for personal use. Other types of used vehicles not affected. For example diplomatic vehicles, research vehicles, vehicles modified for export, vehicles for museum display, and military.

However all should follow import regulations strictly for the nation’s bright future.

No one should import any used vehicle because of the import of used cars ban in Thailand. If anyone thinking of importing a used car before December 10 should forget it. As it takes 25 days to approve such applications and the ban will be in place by the time.

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