Improving fuel economy with good driving techniques

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In terms of improving fuel economy, many of the factors are given and tend very little to change. The quality of fuel,  the road topography, hilly and sloppy tracts, congestion in city streets, and so on. However this being so, one factor is well within our control. Namely, improving fuel economy with good driving techniques.


Planning the Weather

Snow-covered driving costs 15 to 20% more fuel. Also, wind directions and conditions affect both speed and fuel consumption. Summer fuels that increase engine efficiency by as much as 3% cause engine problems in cold weather.

Now a smart driver would closely plan and study the weather narration along the route he wants to use. Thus avoiding the dragging conditions that eat into his fuel resource. And further on maintain speed such that the winds and its vectors eat out the minimum bit of the momentum of the vehicle.

Throttle Dance

Using the throttle judiciously causes 30% fuel saving. When starting an engine especially in low temperatures, platy the throttle for 3 to 5 minutes max. to warm u the car but certainly not damage the engine. In other conditions, a zero throttle dance be best for a start off.

Clutch and throttle being used in tandem, when changing gears, can really help. Drive always at the highest gear in the speed range you traverse.

Visibility and Proximity Planning

Speed might be a necessity, but with speed, safety comes in. Also, the fuel efficiency is at its lowest at the top speed as well at the real low speeds. Maintain economy or optimized speed. But the process you need to break also. Now if the visibility is well maintained; By using good headlights at night and as also having clean rear views and front views. Then with minimized braking, you would get to maintain your optimum speed. So you get it both ways here. A good fuel economy and an appropriate safety buffer.

Idle Engine Play

Last but not least you must maintain an appropriate engine play. At traffic red lights and in congestion jams, when the traffic is standstill; And that too for a longer spell, it is best to switch off the engine and have the minimum idle engine play. However, in case of shorter spells, the loss of the fuel is more in restarting the engine then what you save by switching it off. A rule of thumb being, where you expect the spell of 150 seconds or more, it is best to switch off the engine and save fuel.

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