Indy Car vs Formula 1 – Racing Cars

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Both Indy car vs formula 1 which is known as F1 cars is categorized under one roof which is racing cars. They both a common motive of crossing the final line with the highest speed and win the race. Everyone has a viewpoint that both are same as both of them is used for racing purpose.


But this assumption is completely wrong as there is a huge difference among both the models which can come to know after having a deep look at its model, steering wheel, brakes, etc. The basic differences between these cars are mentioned below:

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Engine and Brakes:

In order to win the race, the car should have a powered engine with mind-blowing brakes. Indy car uses a 2.2-liter V-6 engine whereas F1 possesses an engine of 1.6 liters V-6. Stopping the car at the right point is very important because of which they both have a 100% efficient collection of brakes.


The brakes of F1 cars are made with fiber wire and those wires are light weighted. More durable as compared to the steel brakes which are fitted in the Indy cars. Due to steel brakes, the weight of Indy cars increases making the body heavy.

Effect on Ground and Weight

When it comes to ground weight both the models are restricted to it. The minimum weight of Indy cars is 585 kgs whereas the weight of the F1 car is  1550 lbs which makes it quite heavier.


Here the Indy cars get a plus point as the cars are light weighted and can run faster than the F1 cars.

Body Parts and Track

Indy cars use the parts by importing or ordering them from various places whereas in the team of F1 car themselves design all the parts by themselves which add on to the cost of the car.


Both the cars are designed for racing on different tracks. Indy car basically runs on oval tracks therefore comparison of speed between them will be quite unfair.


Charging is another factor that influences the speed of these cars. Turbocharging helps in adding up the speed of the car by compressing air into the combustion chamber. It further helps in increasing the efficiency of the car. But turbocharging is banned in F1 racing after the 80s.

Time Factor

The time taken by both the card in the completion of the race is also different. F1 cars take 2hours or less than 2 to complete a short track race irrespective of the laps whereas Indy cars take more than 1 hour to complete a short track race. The time is also influenced by the weather and design of the track.

The above mentioned are some of the basic differences which one can observe by having deep information regarding both the models. Both are racing cars but possess great differences when compared with each other. Indy cars, as well as Formula 1 cars, are best in their own field and track of racing.

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