Information About Car Import into Kenya

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If we dig inside the cost, rules, and regulations about importing the car into Kenya can put us in a quagmire. The import rules procedure and regulations in Kenya are very transparent. we shall discuss the procedure set out by the Kenya authorities when it comes to information about car import into Kenya. Kenya Authority is basically a government agency that looks after revenue collection.


Kenya is a developing nation, a country in East Africa is a bullish market especially when it comes to a used vehicle. Thus, it is important to know how to import Japan used cars to Kenya from Japan. It has been a belief that the maximum age of a used vehicle is not more than 8 years. Their practice, law, rules, and regulations are very rigid and strict. This law change often with the passage of time so it is better to refer their official website to update yourself.   

If one wants to clear vehicles, it is better to refer Kenya Revenue Authority who constantly provide up to date list of clearing agents. There is only one port where vehicles are imported from Japan, Singapore, and Dubai. Here, through the port ships offload their cargo and concern agents perform the clearance.  

The agent is responsible to check the documentation on behalf of the importer. A fee in the name of the import declaration of approx. Ksh 5000/ or 2.25%, whichever is higher of the CIF price. Due to market forces of demand and supply, the exchange rate constantly changes. Hence, it becomes important to check the current calculations to arrive at the correct conclusion.

There are different shipping methods available for ease of doing business:

Two common methods of shipment are RO-RO and Container Shipping.

  1. RORO designed to carry cars
  2. Containerized: Extremely safe method of shipping
  3. Air Freight: Extremely quick and extremely expensive.

There are other duty payments for importing a car into Kenya and it is important to know them as well. Being developing nations, it still feels some changes when it comes to export but it has no other better option to import.

There are certain terms which we must know:

  1. CIF: Cost, Insurance, and Freight basically refer to the cost of a car when all get combined.
  2. IDF: Import Declaration Fee, which is always paid on the higher side. It is 2.25% of the CIF value of the imported car. It is paid in advance upon application.
  3. Import Duty: It is the deemed duty which is 25% of the CIF value of the car.
  4. Excise duty: 20%of the [Import duty + CIF Value]

Cost is calculated on the basis of the current retail selling price of the vehicle which is calculated on the value of the same or similar vehicle. After that Profit margin is deducted and then calculated back to the year of manufacture.

There are some additional charges as well such as:

  1. Container freight station also known as port charges
  2. Shipping charges payable to the shipping agents  which varies from agent to agent

First, complete the inspection for all motor vehicles prior to shipment for roadworthiness. Moreover, in the case of left-hand drivers, they do not require any registration unless special-purpose prevails.

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