Iseki Machinery vs Sumitomo Machinery

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Iseki Machinery vs Sumitomo Machinery: Iseki & Co., Ltd. situated in Matsuyama and Tokyo, Japan, is the third-biggest Japanese agrarian apparatus producing organization. Its items incorporate tractors, planting and collecting hardware, segments, and motors. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) is an incorporated producer of business apparatus, programmed weaponry, ships, scaffolds and steel structure, hardware for ecological assurance, including reusing, power transmission gear, plastic embellishment machines, laser preparing frameworks, molecule quickening agents, material taking care of frameworks, malignant growth analytic and treatment hardware, and others.


Iseki Machinery

Since the foundation in 1926, ISEKI has added to the modernization of Japan’s agricultural industry as a full-line maker gaining practical experience in farming hardware. During this point, ISEKI has reliably sought after productive and labor-saving advances in farming, and have served the market by spearheading the occasion of a decent arrangement of agricultural hardware.


ISEKI is continuous to control under their basic business philosophy to deliver products that satisfy consumer demand in order that they’ll contribute to agriculture both in Japan and throughout the globe.

ISEKI Products



ISEKI Tractors designed and built to fulfill a good range of agricultural requirements. So, maximum Performance for each application is brought out from its High Power and top quality. Finally, with its cutting edge innovation and prevalent solace, ISEKI Tractors is the best tractors to satisfy your necessity of high profitability.

List of ISEKI Tractor Series:

  1. TJW Series [120PS]
  2. T 97 Series [97PS]
  3. TJV Series [80-95PS]
  4. TG6 Series [36-65PS]
  5. TLE Series[39-48PS]
  6. NT Series [36-54PS]
  7. TH Series [29-36PS]
  8. TM Series [16-25PS]
  9. TXG Series [23PS]

Zero-Turn Mower:

Iseki Zero – Turn Mower with enough high force diesel motors give productive execution to cutting. Furthermore, a machine is regularly worked by two flexibility HST switches and plays out a 360-degree going range to wipe out the whole zone shockingly. Its solid and robust structure, wide mower deck will lead professionalism to satisfaction.

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List of ISEKI Zero-Turn Mower Series:

  1. SZ330 Series [32PS]

Front Mower:

Front Mowers perfectly designed for professional users. So, the Front Mowers machines give agreeable activity and fantastic cutting/gathering execution with a powerful motor, huge limit of HST and 1300L compartment limit likewise.

List of ISEKI Front Mower Series:

  1. SF450 Series[35・46PS]
  2. SF300 Series [30・36PS]
  3. SF2 Series [22-33PS]

Riding Mower:

Riding Mowers are having some expertise in cutting and gathering grass to fulfill different requests of expert clients and regions.

List of ISEKI Riding Mowers Series:

  1. SXG Series [22・23PS]
  2. SXG 216 Series [15PS]


Tiller has adopted the ergonomic design for pursuing a snug operation to vary the lever of a machine with none stress. So, this machine agrees to new European wellbeing guidelines and prepared new security creation ‘Stopping Brake and Double Lock Clutch Lever”. Due to this composition, the operator can work safely.

List of ISEKI Tiller Series:

  1. SA Series
  2. KMC Series

Rice Transplanter:


ISEKI rice-transplanters are designed and developed to fulfill a range of the need of professional farmers. So, the new rice-transplanter series inherits good points of the previous series and improves many points like easier operation and better performance.

List of ISEKI Rice Transplanter Series:

  1. NP Series
  2. PC Series

Combine Harvester:


However, combine harvester named “Japan” is that the opening of the latest generation ISEKI combines which gave Japanese pro-farmers a sway by appearance, high precision, performance, and sturdiness. It also enables the shifting of developing the speed of paddy no end a combine during work.

List of ISEKI Combine Harvester Series:

  1. HJ Series
  2. HC80P Series

Sumitomo Machinery:

Sumitomo Heavy Industries was established in 1888 as a shop when it began fabricating and fixing apparatus and utilized devices. Since then, they have grown in line with the event of society and industry.


Today, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Group is an extensive hardware creator that fabricates products beginning from general apparatus and propelled accuracy hardware to development hardware, ships, and natural plant offices.

Sumitomo Products & Features:

Hydraulic Excavators


This Extraordinary excavator won the Energy-Efficient Machinery Award Presented by The Japan Machinery Federation immediately after its release, and it proved its excellent energy-saving performance.

Features of Sumitomo Hydraulic Excavators:

  1. Fuel Efficiency – Achieved 2020 fuel efficiency standards by 100% or more. With significantly improved eco-friendliness, the excavator causes you to turn out to be progressively beneficial.
  2. Operation – Powerful, smooth, and speedy. With the new mechanism, the excavator helps you to become more efficient.
  3. Safety – The proprietary FVM is incorporated into the ROPS-compatible safety cab. With its advanced safety technology, the excavator becomes safer.

Product Lines of Hydraulic Excavators:

  1. Firstly, Hydraulic excavators
  2. Secondly, Hybrid excavators
  3. Then, Small rear swing radius excavators
  4. Finally, Minimum rear swing radius excavators

Road Machinery:


On the other hand, the enormous machine including Japan’s most noteworthy class clearing width of 9.0 meters was added to Sumitomo’s line-up of items. So, Sumitomo’s restrictive high-unbending nature screed gives phenomenal clearing quality and stable wrapping up.

Features of Sumitomo Road Machinery:

  1. Environmental Performance – the primary ultra-low noise construction machine within the class, Equipped with the new clean engine SPACE 5+, Complying with the 2011 exhaust gas regulations for designated special vehicles.
  2. Operations & Safety – Utilizes color monitors (driving seat and screed section), Advanced NETIS V registration technology FMV setting (optional), Supports CE safety standards.
  3. Maintenance – Improvement within the durability of consumable parts, Incorporating G@Nav to regulate the machine remotely, Free inspection and after-sales service.

Product Lines of Road Machinery:

  1. Firstly, Mini Asphalt Paver
  2. Secondly, Asphalt Paver
  3. Finally, Vibrating Roller

Crawler Cranes:


However, it designed to fulfill a spread of needs including construction and port cargo handling, Sumitomo crawler cranes are mobile cranes that excel in functioning on soft ground.

Features of Sumitomo Crawler Cranes:

  1. Environment-Friendly – Machines for building our future society require the foremost advanced technology. Fitted with a clean and vitality productive motor recently created to satisfy progressively stringent fumes gas guidelines coordinated with a refined framework, HSC’s crawler cranes have taken at this point one more step toward harmony with the environment.
  2. Maneuverability & Safety – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to seek out skilled crane operators, and there’s a growing demand for cranes that are easier to maneuver and safer to work. So, the recently grew profoundly responsive slowing mechanism drastically encourages working with establishment laborers. Further, safety features including an outsized display system and reliable and timely voice alarms ensure a better level of safety.
  3. Reliable – Great warranty comes with Sumitomo’s crawler cranes so they will be used reliably over a protracted period. The remote sensing function for remotely monitoring the machine and operation conditions helps detect defect information beforehand so maintenance time and value will be reduced.

Product Lines of Crawler Cranes:

  1. Firstly, High Line-Pull Crawler Cranes
  2. Secondly, Heavy-Duty Crawler Cranes
  3. Finally, Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes

Foundation Machines:

However, machines utilized at building locales to make heaps (segments) to help structures like business structures and apartment suites.

Features of Sumitomo Foundation Machines:

  1. Easy to move – Machines for foundation work should be moved from Jobsite to Jobsite. Sumitomo’s establishment work machines are intended for basic get together and dismantling while at the same time accomplishing upgraded essential execution so the necessities of stringent transportation guidelines will be met. Get together and dismantling cost decrease highlights incorporate a programmed connection/separation capacity.
  2. Powerful yet Safe – As structures become larger and seismic strengthening projects increase, cast-in-place piles tend to become larger in diameter. So, Sumitomo’s earth drills have an excavation torque large enough to drill holes for those piles and are equipped with a robust winch suitable for such drilling operation. Safety features including an outsized display system and reliable and timely voice alarms ensure a better level of safety.
  3. Reliable – Great warranty comes with Sumitomo’s crawler cranes so they will be used reliably over a protracted period. The remote sensing function for remotely monitoring the machine and operation conditions helps detect defect information beforehand so maintenance time and value will be reduced.

Product Lines of Foundation Machines:

  1. Earth Drill



The dual battery forklift could be a counterbalanced sort of electric forklift equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid accumulator, and it features extended operations and long battery life. It achieves extended operations without the exchange of batteries, which was impossible for previous electric vehicles, and therefore the long lifetime of the lead-acid accumulator.

Features of Sumitomo Forklifts:

  1. Dual Batteries – Forklift incorporates two styles of batteries, namely a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid accumulator, for the primary time during a forklift. It gives broadened tasks and long life by exploiting the separate batteries.
  2. Expanded Operations – Certainly, this forklift reuses regenerative vitality from speed decrease to charge the lithium battery. So, it expected to increase operation up to about eight hours. And it ends up in economic benefits, as an example of eliminating the necessity for a spare battery.
  3. Long-life – it’s possible to restrain the amount of discharge of the lead-acid accumulator through the effective use of the lithium-ion battery, and this, therefore, makes the lifetime of the lead-acid accumulator longer. It can, therefore expected to cut back the prices of battery exchange.

Product Lines of Forklifts:

  1. Firstly, Forklifts (from 0.9 to 48 tons)
  2. Secondly, Optimum Attachments
  3. Then, Logistic Equipment
  4. Finally, Accessories

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