Iseki vs Kubota: Rice Harvester

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Iseki vs Kubota: Agricultural activities, in almost every part of the world, prove to be a great necessity. After all, we all depend on the food that comes through the agricultural fields. In earlier times, farmers have to perform a lot of hard work in settling various operations. For example, harvesting different crops was performed by traditional methods as there were no machines. But nowadays, things have changed and there is an arrival of different machines that assist a person in such conditions.


This time, it is a matter of identifying a rice harvester machine between two companies. So, a person could choose for his usage. The comparison of rice harvesters is of Iseki vs Kubota. Also described as a rice combine harvester, one of the major workings of this machine stands for harvesting wheat and rice. Here, a cutter in the front helps to assist the machine in harvesting. Not only it helps in harvest, but there are different works that it can handle. To know more about the combined harvester, the below section will help to increase the knowledge. Some talks on both companies will be discussed. And then we will describe some information on models and different features.

About Iseki Company


It stands for the third-largest Japanese agricultural manufacturing company where you can see harvesting machinery as well. This is an older company and was first seen in the year 1926. Today, it serves its facilities in different divisions of the globe.

The HJ Series

Talking about some of its models of a combine harvester, firstly there is the HJ Series. The HJ6120 is one of those machines that can help the farmers by high accuracy, toughness, performance, and appearance. It uses a powerful common rail engine that is water-cooled, 4-cylinder, 16 valves DOHC. Though it can generate a high power (120 PS) but can be managed accurately. With its help, you can achieve well-organized and ecologically aware harvesting.

Key Features

You can explore a big feature of the twin-eight thresher system in this series. Here, there are three-drums, namely re-threshing, diffusion, and big dia. and long threshing drums that deliver competent threshing. With their presence, a person can obtain an operating speed of 2.0 m/s.

You can also see the I-T.A.C.H. that is the ISEKI Transmission Active Control Handling System. With its help, you can acquire easy handling and quick turning.

If someone wishes to work in evening or dark conditions, there is an installation of big halogen. They help to improve visibility.

Also, the monitor and levers are adjusted in a good position so the operator could handle the activity nicely.

Other Things to Know

The cabin also proves to be fine. The company has designed this machine in such a way that its full opening system contains easy and speedy maintenance. There is access to the thresher unit by an opening cover. Also, the operator gets access to both engines and reapers with the help of an opening cabin and reaper unit.

The HC80P Series

You can identify this machine as a combination of high performance, powerful engine, and easy operation. The displacement of its engine is 2955 ml with an output of 58.8 kW (80 PS). Rather than this feature, a person can get a huge fuel holding capacity of 90 liters. With its help, a good efficiency is achieved and people can carry on towards a long continuous work.

Key Features

  1. There is a technology of low vibration at rated rpm as well as low fuel consumption to see in this series.
  2. The lever of its power steering achieves adjusting the height of the reaping part and machine direction. Also to make the turn only this lever. With such things, the operator can handle the job easily even in a wet paddy field.
  3. The crawler in this machine is long and broad by which you can find the duo of performance and stability. Even in deep fields, you can perform the work with a good touch.
  4. There is a harvesting speed of 1.55 m/s. You can also see elevated operability with an integrated switch and power steering lever to control the height of the reel.
  5. You can see the presence of large threshing drums (24.4 X 70.86 inches).

Along with high threshing capacity, there is an occurrence of three air flues to deliver admirable separation. The HC80P-Grain tank-type contains 1700L of grain tank. On the other side, the HC80P-Hopper type contains 500L of grain tanks.

About Kubota Company


This company achieved the identification as a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in the Japan region. The establishment of this company took place in the year 1890. There are a variety of products that the company generates, where the combined harvester is also available.


This company has become an industry specialist with over 50 years of rich experience in harvesting mechanization in Asia. People can operate their combine harvester with precision and speed.


There are different models presented by Kubota that respond to a wide range of requirements. For example, from transplanting to reaping things like rice, corn, barley, etc. The models come in a series of PRO, DC, SPV, and SPW.

Technology Used

The combine harvesters are designed in a way that they deliver a pair of excellent maneuverability and high fuel efficiency. They have a light-weight and compact design along with a wide-diameter and long threshing cylinder with axial-flow. According to the company’s perspective, these kinds of machines are highly capable of threshing crops. Particularly, the one that is hard to divide seeds from, such as rice. And when they talk comes to rice, they smoothly transplant in its fields where mud climbs up to the knees. Along with transplanting, one of the helpful applications of Kubota’s combine harvester is reaping rice.

Iseki vs Kubota: Making the Main Concern

Both these companies are providing services related to such machines for long. Firstly talking about Iseki, there are two models on whom we talked. They contain some of those tremendous features that help a person in the field of crops. For the betterment of the operator, different things are provided to assist him nicely during the work.

On the other side, Kubota is also a renowned company in regions of Asia. There are different models available linked to combine harvesters. They are also made to co-operate in various scenarios as we talked about one of the examples of rice-fields. So, both companies are good at their respective places. Now, it depends on your choice of interest between whom you want to prefer. These kinds of machines are helpful yet prove to be very important for a farmer. Surely you will be agreeing by this term. That’s why try to select the one that is able enough to satisfy your field’s requirements.

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