Isuzu Cubic vs Mitsubishi Rosa: Minibus Comparison

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A minibus is a unit that you can see in various places. It is that kind of a bus that is designed to carry more passengers than a minivan or a multi-purpose vehicle. A minibus can have a variety of seating capacity from 8 to 30 seats. Those minibusses which are larger than the usual one may be referred to as midi-buses. You can see their uses for diverse reasons. For example, as a public transport vehicle, a fixed route transit buses, share taxis, large taxicabs, or airport buses.


This time, it is a matter of describing a comparison between two mini-buses. With its help, you can find the one which looks best in this segment. Some talk about their performance and other specifications will be described. So, let’s begin the comparison of Isuzu Cubic vs Mitsubishi Rosa.

Isuzu Cubic


From Isuzu Company, this heavy-duty single-decker bus was introduced for the first time in the year 1984. This is a step-entrance, low floor, the 2-doors bus continued to produce till 2000. The availability of this model primarily existed as a complete bus or a bus chassis.


Two different transmissions were there to see in the Cubic, namely Isuzu (manual transmission) and ZF (automatic). Talking about its length, it contains around 433 inches. The width of the complete bus is nearly 98 inches and there is a height of about 118 inches. From the company’s side, one of the available engine options contains 15,200 ccs of 1996 model in the Isuzu Cubic. There was a variation to see in the wheelbase as it differs from 4.3 to 6.0 meters.

Mitsubishi Rosa


This machine stands as a Japanese minibus by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. The Fuso Rosa was first launched in the year 1960. The company achieved success from this model in such a way that it has entered into its fourth generation now.


Talking about its latest version, the company installed additional comfort and safety features to assist the drivers in various conditions. For example, to decrease injury risks, avoid accidents, and increase the confidence of drivers and passengers. People can explore options like advanced emergency braking systems and electronic stability program. They are beneficial sources to detect the position of a vehicle and control its stability during rollover or side slip. The lane departure system is also there to assist the driver to handle the bus with more safety on local roads and freeways.


You can see LED headlamps leading in front to enhance better night-time visibility. Comparing the older versions of past generations to the newer ones, the company has improved the style and overall appearance.



The newer segments of Rosa contain a good and better interior for both driver and passengers. It is because the installation of switches and instruments is in such a way that a driver can operate easily. Also, there is a presence of Bluetooth audio by which hand-free calls are possible. For passenger comfort, you can see redesigned seat materials and LED line lights. But, remember that the specifications mentioned above can vary by market. That’s why; make sure to have a look at the unit in your region. You can also explore our page of Japan used Mitsubishi Rosa Minibus for sale.


Occupying the Best

Both Isuzu and Mitsubishi are good manufacturers of delivering various buses to their customers. But this time, we are contrasting their models of the minibus. Talking about Isuzu’s Cubic, it holds a powerful engine and the model continued to construct for around 16 years. On the other side, when we talk about Mitsubishi’s Rosa, its launching is around 60 years old. And still, the production is running from the same name. Along with that, as time is progressing forward, the company is making various modifications to make this machine better.

So, these are the things which you can look at before selecting any one of them. In many terms, the newer units of Mitsubishis’ Rosa can be superior to Isuzu’s Cubic. But still, the choice is under your hands. Try to occupy the one that fulfills your desired requirements and deliver you satisfying outcomes.

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