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Isuzu Elf vs Hino Dutro: Garbage Trucks

Isuzu Elf vs Hino Dutro: Garbage Trucks

Garbage Trucks

The Dump or Garbage trucks are specifically created trucks to gather waste and transit it to a waste treatment facility, likewise a landfill or transfer station. Other normal names for this sort of truck incorporate garbage truck, reject truck, dustcart, refuse truck, garbage truck, receptacle wagon, dustbin lorry, canister lorry or container van somewhere else. Technical names include waste collection vehicles and refuse collection vehicles (RCV). These trucks are a standard sight in most urban areas.

Isuzu Trucks vs Hino Trucks

When it involves quality Garbage Trucks, the medium-duty truck market is fiercely competitive, offering a range of options for truck fleet managers who need the unique virtues of an advertisement Garbage truck. Dominating head to head to go within the marketplace, the Isuzu Elf and therefore the Hino Dutro are often top picks for their solidness and maneuverability. However, which is the best choice?

Utilizing particular information from the Isuzu and Hino makers, the ensuing condenses key examination that potential purchasers ought to consider.

Isuzu Elf Garbage Truck

The quality of Japanese trucks now widely acknowledged, and they used everywhere around the globe. “Japanese trucks” sound sufficiently straightforward, however, there are a few creators that command the business. If you investigate the globe, every nation inclines the Japanese truck producer; such as Isuzu for the Philippines, and HINO for Thailand. this can be the consequence of every company’s promotion of every brand. However, we’ve got to mention, there’s an exception. it’s the one and only, ISUZU ELF.


Despite the brand preference, Isuzu Elf has always obtained the most effective demand in literally every continent, from Asia to Africa. Remarkably strong chassis and well-balanced facilities should be the rationale why Elf trucks loved globally and reside the highest of the 2-ton truck. To prove that “ISUZU ELF” is that the No.1 sales in our company too.


Isuzu Elf Garbage Truck likewise referred to as N series outside Japan. Isuzu Elf is a vehicle that’s designed to perform heavy jobs of fabric transportation on construction sites. As a result, this vehicle has an excellent reputation permanently quality material, robust exterior, and high-level performance efficiency. These vehicles with different configurations designed to satisfy different commercial needs.

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Other Details of Isuzu Elf Garbage Truck

In the housing industry, sometimes the forklift not enough to induce the duty done particularly just in case of transporting loose material. that’s where the role of garbage/dump trucks comes into play. With an oversized loading bed, these tippers specifically designed to maneuver large quantities of the artifact. Isuzu is one of those medium-duty truck producers that are entering into this partially explored arena. Isuzu Elf one of those medium-duty trucks marketed and made by Isuzu in 1959.

The Isuzu Elf Garbage Truck features a good rating for handling, styling, safety, and luxury. As a result, This truck is a safe and reliable commuting option within the commercial industry, particularly on construction sites. Purpose-built and long-lasting structure, in addition to an honest resale value at an affordable price range, is major selling points influencing buyers to go for the acquisition of Isuzu Elf tip truck. Isuzu Elf garbage truck is reasonable for those looking for a progressively strong pulling and a superb stacking limit in one bundle.

Hino Dutro Garbage Truck

One of the foremost acknowledged trucks in Japan should be HINO Dutro. This can be because of the catchy commercial that being broadcasted past few years in Japan. The rationale that makes Hino one among the leading companies during this industry. It isn’t only their memorable advertisement but also how their trucks have fewer mechanical troubles.


Although the sales price is comparatively on top of the opposite makers. As you concentrate on all the possible mechanical problems afterward. HINO is one of the foremost cost-efficiency truck makers. Their reliable, elaborate technology has built an unshakable company brand.


The Hino Dutro additionally named 155 in Canada and except for this market, Colombia, Japan has its amassing office. In Japan, it comes in Wide Cab, Hybrid Electric, Route Van, Double Cab, and 4 WD. In Thailand, the vehicle offers as Dutro 420 and 410.

The Indonesian market had its presentation in 2002 with models of 125ST, 125HT, 125 LT, 140 HT, and 140 GT. The load of the vehicle also varied per displacement, so this towing vehicle gives a smooth drive. The second-generation ranging from 2011 had engine improvement and accomplished with EURO IV/V/VI standard.

Other Details about Dutro Garbage Truck

The Hino Dutro Specs represent the technical side. While the planning and feel, specs include several features inside and out of doors. The within has the facility Window as well as steering system providing a smooth transition with force input low. The Anti-lock stopping mechanism with Traction Control furnishes brake lock likelihood decrease coupled with footing streamlined. The seats are available with a covering of superior lining. As a result, it grants barely of comfort during this hard-core vehicle. The outside features a solid body with unibody chassis and powerful tires. To grant this heavy on load truck even tough on the road.

One you ought to Choose?

I hope you got a sense of Japanese Garbage Truck makers! although they both are Japanese truck company, However, they both have different strengths as well as character. It’ll be plenty of fun to settle on your ideal vehicle considering how you wish to use it. All the very best.

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