Isuzu Forward and Isuzu Giga- major differences

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Isuzu Elf and Isuzu Giga both trucks are made by Isuzu to suit two different functions in industrial transport. In this article we will go through their main differences, will highlight which is best for which roles and usages.


Both are the most widely used long haul trucks throughout far east Asia. Both trucks have a Japanese heritage with alternative versions manufactured by General Motors in western countries for western markets. In the west, the Isuzu Elf truck is known far better as the Isuzu N-series. Let’s see how they compare in the following areas:

Design Function of Trucks

The Isuzu Elf truck is designed to act as a medium-duty truck. Whereas the principle design function of the Isuzu Giga is for the longer or heavy-duty truck class. Moreover, medium-duty trucks are usually considering metro environments. A large number of commercial vehicles are able to carry several tons of load while being compact enough. And these are suitable in almost all inner-city urban traffic conditions.


Heavy class trucks like the Isuzu Giga, on the other hand, are with long haul journeys in mind. For this reason, they are usually built with larger and more powerful engines, more comfortable cockpits, and fitted to pull longer and wider carriages.


Similarly, Giga cockpits are wider and taller, with added volume to handle standard features like air conditioning and more extensive interior lighting and space. The standard hydraulic wheel suspension of the Isuzu Elf cockpit will rely on solely will offer a harder ride than the more modern Giga cockpits which feature independent cockpit suspension for greater driving comfort and stability.

Power of Trucks

Above all, the sixth generation of Isuzu Elfs including the heavier F-series (F = Forward) will make up the majority of those that quite clearly dominate the class in Asia and Australia. The common range being the standard cab with an engine size of between 8 to 10-litre Turbo Diesel.

Although the same engines are commonly using in the Giga. Certainly, the standard cabin is several feet long. It fits within the recognizable heavier duty class for lorries or large wide tankers.

Comfort and ride

The biggest differences will be between these 2 trucks. The N-series or Isuzu Elf is for versatility and an economical means of haulage within shorter distances. The Isuzu Giga is for heavy-duty long-distance driving. One you need to turn a lot around tight spaces. The other is for greater loads at higher speeds on longer and wider roads.

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