Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger: Crane Truck Comparison

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Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger: Crane Truck Comparison

While heading towards buying a crane truck, the crane truck you want to choose between Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger. Wee, quite a difficulty while choosing the right one that is going to serve your purpose. Considering Isuzu Giga is one of the giant crane trucks under Japanese manufacturing. In addition, the design is in such a way that it is good to go for heavy-duty applications. While Hino ranger is known as the first crane truck manufacture ring in the world to further include a digital audio broadcast (DAB+) multimedia unit as standard equipment across its range of trucks.


Further, the Hino‘s state-of-the-art multimedia unit features a large 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, DAB+ digital and conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB and SD input, and moreover enablement of Bluetooth™.

So, let us here have a detail discussion between Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger so that we can arrive at a conclusion which is better between Isuzu Giga vs. Hino Ranger.

Therefore, we are going to discuss here their specifications in detail to find our suitability and accordingly can decide where to proceed further.

Isuzu Giga

The Isuzu Giga is one of the gigantic trucks in the market that performs various functions. Similarly, the design is in such a way to perform multiple functions. In addition, the design is in such a way that it is good to go for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, the Isuzu Giga has a cab over engine configuration that usually comes with a gross combination mass of up to 70 tonnes.

There is global selling of the crane trucks and has the latest technologies together with strong and torquey Euro V diesel engines. Further, it develops between 415 and 510 hp.

Design of Crane Truck

The crane truck has rigging design together with a cab over engine configuration. The splitting of the front grille into three sections is praiseworthy. Moreover, shares the same design language with the smaller crane trucks which the company itself builds. Further, there are two lateral wind deflectors on each of the corners of the cabin in order to improve the crane truck’s stability at high speeds and to lower down wind noise.

There is a big bumper that appears as strong build quality. Moreover, it was engineered to withstand harsh working conditions. Further, taking into consideration the utilitarian look, the front headlights are mounted low into the bumper and have a rudimentary rectangular design. Moreover, the crane truck comes up with front fog lights that are under the main light clusters.


Further, to enhance the lateral visibility and appear as a dynamic look to the entire crane truck, Isuzu designs door windows with a sloped bottom line which looks appears fairly good and. It moreover, gives the crane truck a modern appearance.

Features of Crane Trucks

Considering extra safety, the sides are also fitted with integrated turn signals mounted placed on top of the access steps.

Digging deep inside and you may find a fairly spacious cabin with ample head- and leg-room for both driver and passenger. The Isuzu Giga cabin is luxurious, however, provides a not so great environment with an easy to understand design. There is the usage of hard plastics on the dash and doors, but they don’t feel offensive while touching. Further, you look at par with what you’ll usually find in this segment.

The instrument cluster isn’t the most modern unit. However, there is fitting with big and clear gauges that are easy to read even at night. Apart from the classic round gauges, you may also find a separate screen that keeps you posted on fuel consumption, speed warnings, engine hours, service intervals, and more.

In addition, there are some nice touches that make the crane truck feel a little more upscale. It also comes with the remote keyless entry and locking, and the power windows which come with door-mounted controls.

Isuzu Giga Crane Trucks

The designing of Isuzu Giga Crane Trucks is in such a way to transport material within a factory area with maximum flexibility in making moves. Moreover, the truck permits pick up and deposit of the loads, eliminating manual work in lifting as well as transporting.


Besides this, the truck includes the barrel, box, drum, hopper, refrigerator, paper-roll, and tote-box trucks. Four-wheel hand truck comes in various forms of varieties. Further, it includes dollies, high- and low-bed flat trucks, carts, rack carriers, wagons, and various hand-lift trucks having mechanical or hydraulic lifting mechanisms for raising and lowering a load.

Moreover, the crane truck appears as a portable boom crane mounted on an industrial truck. It may be used with hooks, grabs, and slings for bundled or coiled material. The usage of a non-lift platform truck is simply for hauling, but other power trucks come with mechanisms, usually hydraulic, for lifting the loads. Trucks are propelled by batteries and an electric-motor drive or by an internal-combustion engine with either a mechanical drive or a generator and electric-motor drive.

Engines and Transmissions

The Isuzu Giga offers a choice of three engine outputs with maximum power ratings of 415hp, 455 hp, and 510 hp with 1863Nm, 2255 Nm, and further 2255 Nm respectively. Besides this, the 15,681 liters 510 hp turbo-intercooler, common-rail, digital management. Moreover, the Isuzu diesel engine is among the largest-capacity Japanese engines available on the market.

Above all, the models under Isuzu Giga are Euro V compliant and boast impressive power and torque, moreover improved fuel economy and low emission levels.

The crane truck is available with either 12 or 16 speed heavy-duty Isuzu Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) or further 18 speed Eaton manual gearboxes.

Further, the side slung tanks on GIGA provide a substantial 1000 liters for non-stop operations. This further provides an estimated range of anything between 1600 and 2000km in line-haul operations at 56t GCM.


The Isuzu Giga is a fairly robust and reliable workhorse. Moreover, it has an ergonomic and spacious cabin fitted with a lot of storage spaces and useful technologies. In addition, designing is in such a way to make your life easier.

The engines are up to the mark and can deal with both city and highway traffic with ease. Moreover, all three diesel units meet the latest emission requirements, which not only make them strong but also efficient and environmentally friendly. We also like the crane truck’s ride which is extremely comfortable; it’s all due to the standard air suspension.

Hino Ranger Crane Truck

The Hino Ranger is moreover a medium-duty commercial crane truck. The manufacturing is by Hino Motors since 1964.

Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger: Crane Truck Comparison

Outside of Japan, it is well known as the ‘500 Series’ and as part of the ‘F-Series,’ ‘G-Series’, and ‘S-Series’. In addition, there is a partial divergence into a heavier and a lighter range. Further, there is later distinguishment by various prefixes or suffixes such as “Day Cab Ranger” or “Ranger 2”. In various countries, the Ranger is available only as a medium or heavy crane truck before models with low weight ratings, like the FA and FB.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

Further, considering light, compact machines, to solutions that deliver the ultimate levels of precision and lifting capacity, Hino Ranger truck-mounted cranes are all built on the foundations of high performance, reliability, ease of use, and moreover safety. Therefore, they’re among the most widely-used loader cranes in the world.



  1. Compact
  2. Light
  3. Moreover, easy to operate


  1. Ease of use
  2. Compact installation
  3. In addition, high lifting capacity


  1. Simple to operate
  2. High capacity
  3. Compact


  1. Simple
  2. Efficient
  3. Further, robust


  1. Ultimate precision
  2. Lifting capacity
  3. Besides this, a wide range of accessories


  1. High lifting capacity
  2. Moreover, better performance on tall loads and close lifts
  3. Optimum utilization with attachment and short trucks


  1. Top speed performance
  2. High flexibility
  3. In addition, safe and protected


  1. Top speed performance
  2. High flexibility
  3. therefore, safe and protected


Innovation, reliability and high performance

The latest generation of cranes, with models ranging from 9 – 66 tm, provides solutions for every application and features. Moreover, it is highly reliable and with the best warranty, the Edge Line ensures a first-class lifting experience.

Aerial Platforms

The purpose of designing is to work safely and accurately at height. Further, the Aerial Platforms are suitable for multiple activities, from construction to agriculture, industrial cleaning, moreover installations or building maintenance.

Besides this, the purpose of protecting the versatile product range is to operate in different environments and conditions. Furthermore, either where there is a requirement of strong rigidity or when the flexibility of movement is the key.

Tipping Systems

Similarly, the motive of designing tipping solutions is to deliver the very highest levels of safety, reliability, and performance in all operating conditions. Therefore, this is the reason that it is one of the largest producers of telescopic cylinders in the world.

Container Handling

It further proves strength, durability and reliability and many more benefits of using container handling systems. Moreover, you also get an unrivaled range of standard and optional features to meet any customer requirement – whatever that may be.

Lifting and Loading

Precision lifting Maximum payload. Moreover, it offers true reliability. Thus, each one of our cranes, light, big or special lifting, gives you exactly what you need for efficient, simple, and safe loading and unloading. Further, it is able to perform and withstand all conditions.


Isuzu Giga vs Hino Ranger: Above all, it is powerful in its own space. The Vehicle has different features. Furthermore, the Hino is known as the first vehicle manufacture ring in the world to include a digital audio broadcast (DAB+) multimedia unit as standard equipment across its range of trucks. Besides this, the Hino’s state-of-the-art multimedia unit features a large 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, DAB+ digital and conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB and SD input, and enablement of Bluetooth™.

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