Isuzu Journey vs Mitsubishi Aero Midi: Large Bus Comparison

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Isuzu Journey vs Mitsubishi Aero Midi: You must have heard about the comparison of different vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks, and vans, etc. But, one more added feature in this segment can be recognized as the comparison of two buses. As we all are aware of a bunch of automobile companies that try to launch their models. If a company is producing machines like bus and it achieves good grades. Like, when the audience assumes it to be fine, other companies try to compete with such models. And in many cases, people start making a comparison between several models to identify the best between them.


Well, if you’re also having the same thought, we have something in this section. There are two companies, namely Isuzu and Mitsubishi whose buses will be recognized. From Isuzu, there is a bus called Journey, and from Mitsubishi, the Aero Midi will be its competitor. So, let’s start differentiating Isuzu Journey vs Mitsubishi Aero Midi by knowing about them.

Isuzu Journey


In the year 1970, Isuzu Journey first came into the road as a minibus. After three years of its arrival, Isuzu decided to present it in a larger format. That’s why; this bus can be occupied as a tourist coach and city bus.


For the first time, the term ‘Journey’ was taken into the account in the year 1970 as Journey S. At that time, it was an Isuzu Elf 150 truck with a 15-seater bus. After that, the company presented a 26-seater Journey M and 29-seater Journey L in the year 1973. Isuzu also presented a 53-seater rear-engined bus which was known as Journey K. Later on, it was replaced with Isuzu Erga in the year 1999. Both L and M models were replaced later by a rebadged Nissan Civilian in the year 1993. Later on, the models continued to appear in the market.

Other Things to Know

Isuzu is a good manufacturer of vehicles. For a longer time, it is delivering the segments of mid-sized and large buses. The ‘Journey’ also proves to be a hopeful unit from this company. You can see a powerful engine and this bus can hold a different capacity of passengers.

Mitsubishi Aero Midi


Mitsubishi has made this bus as a step entrance, low entry, and low floor bus. For the first time, it was launched into the market in the year 1988. After that, people occupied it in the form of sightseeing and public buses.

Earlier Past

Before the launching of Aero Midi, there was a model named Fuso MK that took charge from 1974 to 1988. Thereafter, the Aero Midi was available since the year 2007. Later on, in the next year, there was an arrival of Aero Midi-S whose production took place till 2010. Then, Mitsubishi generated the Fuso Aero Midi as the smaller segment of the Fuso Aero Star city bus.

Safety Features

In the newer segments, the company managed to bring a safety feature as standard. The name of that feature is a brake override system (BOS). Here, the brake function controls the vehicle’s acceleration in conditions when brake and accelerator pedals are pushed mutually.

Other Things to Know

There are some essential things in which people can look. Like, the seat of the driver is provided with multi-sensing three-point seat belts with an emergency locking retractor. You’ll see a 5-speed manual transmission with different engine options. The length of this bus can extend from 7.0 to 10.1 meters as a bus chassis or a complete bus. There is a height of 3.0 meters with a width containing 2.52 meters.

Getting to the Final Decision

Isuzu Journey vs Mitsubishi Aero Midi can be identified as a good rivalry of buses. One of the assistance that can be done from our side is by describing some information about them. And somehow, we managed to bring that. Now, what you think about either these units or companies depends on your choice of interest.

Maybe some people prefer to have a bus from Isuzu. In some minds, there can be a greater impression of Mitsubishi’s production. We are here to bring you both the models. So, whatever you choose, make sure that it works according to your necessities.

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