Jaguar F-type vs Jaguar XK

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Jaguar F-type vs Jaguar XK: So, if you are a fan of Jaguar or a Jaguar lover? It clearly means you are fond of something fast, with two doors, perhaps a convertible? Wanting to decide between the venerable XK and the new brand New F-type? So let us here have a discussion in detail in order to decide between which one to prefer. Through the detailed discussion, we can get back to a holistic solution. Let us bring down some key statistics of both XK and New F-Type.


The F-Type

  1. Weight-35213671 pounds
  2. Offers 340-495 horsepower
  3. The model can accelerate to 60 mph in as little as 4.2 seconds and it is 5.1 seconds for a base model
  4. It has two seats

The Jaguar XK Convertible

  1. Weight-37704079 pounds
  2. Offers 380-550 horsepower
  3. The model can accelerate to 60 mph in as little as 4.2 seconds and it is 5.3 seconds for a base convertible
  4. It has four seats, nominally at least.

Considering the documents and paperwork, they appear pretty taking into consideration straight-line performance. It is though the F type which is a lighter vehicle gets there with fewer horsepower.



In between the two, the F-Type model is considered to be more affordable than the XK. While on the other side, KK offers a good seating room for four. Though the rear seats of KK are very small and are also not useful for much more than occasional duty.

Trunk Volume

Another sector to focus upon unrelated to performance is the trunk volume. This factor is worth considering if you wish to take either the XK or F-Type on a weekend trip.


The F-Type is 7.0 cubic feet and XK is 11.7 cubic feet. The F-Type is quite small considering any measure. However, XK is still less than a typical Storage of Sedan. But it has room for two day’s luggage for a couple. It has a considerably more realistic space.

If you are kind of a person who buys a car taking into consideration space. More or less, a person is space conscious. You must in such a situation wonder about exterior dimensions too. The F-Type is a considerably small car. It is 12.7 inches shorter in overall length. Considering the wheelbase, it is 5.1 inches shorter. The F type is 4.3 inches narrower and half an inch lower than XK.

Exterior and Interior

Jaguar XK Dashboard

It is a fact that XK has a large exterior space. Though interior space and more particularly the front seats are very alike and similar.

Jaguar XK Interior

The legroom is 43 inches in either. The headroom is identical and the shoulder room is within a tenth of an inch between the two.

Jaguar F-type Dashboard

Neither of the models is extremely spacious. Especially if the drivers are tall, it is not ideal for them.

Jaguar F-type Seats

The rear seat of XK has space which may allow for a seat reclines at the longest legroom setting for the seat. This feature is something the tallest drivers are going to appreciate.

But what about the subjective differences?

While on-road, XK is a larger car however it has a sleek shape. A range of potent V-8 engines makes light work of the curb weight. But it gives the XK convertible range spring to its step.

The F-type in most of the situations feels small. Though it expands its role to feel as potent and solid as the XK mostly at speed on the open road. When the turns attack the cars, it is the F type whose smaller dimensions, lighter weight, and sport-focused engineering become apparent. It appears to be more athletic.

Jaguars are both Luxurious and well-finished models are inside and outside. The luxury of XK is more towards refinement and politeness. The F type is a bit rawer, edgier, and feels a little younger. Those who wish to go long on features and accommodations; the XK is a better choice.

Being Jaguars, both are luxurious and well-finished inside and out. The XK’s luxury tends toward the more refined and polite; the F-Type’s is a bit rawer, edgier. The F-Type feels a bit younger. Neither will come up short, though, for those wishing to go long on features and accommodations, the XK may be the better choice.

The Bottom line

Both the cars are well suitable to their respective missions. You have to consider certain factors like high speed, a capable cruiser with reasonable trunk space. you have to consider whether you want a quicker car and nimble sports car that will turn heads at 100 paces.

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