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Import Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures
To Import Japan Used Buses In Angola

Check all the key points related to import rules, regulations, policies, documentations, duties and taxes, inspections, restrictions, shipping ports, etc. which you should keep in mind while importing Used Buses from Japan to Angola.

Year Restriction

Max. 3 Years Old

Destination Port

Luanda, Durban

Time of Shipment

24-36 Days (RoRo)

Vessel Schedule

Monthly (RoRo)

Shipping Line




Used Buses Import Rules & Regulations in Angola


Age Restriction

Heavy Buses should not be more than 5 years from the date of production.

Left-Hand Drive Buses

Importation of left-hand drive Buses is allowed in the country.


A Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) in the country of origin is required. Buses imported by Diplomats are not subjected to PSI as they have cleared the Buses with a Diplomatic Franchise at the destination.

Used Buses Import Duties and Taxes in Angola

Temporary Import

  • The Buses is allowed to stay in Angola for 2 years with a possible one-year extension.
  • A bond deposit of 40-45per. of CIF value is required. When the Buses is re-exported, the deposit is paid back.

Definitive Import

  • Requires 40-45 per. tax based on CIF value
  • Import taxes on all buses .(except pick up with 5 percent tax) are 10 per. plus VAT.

Used Buses Import Documentation in Angola


Special Attention

Bus should be cleared as soon as it reaches Luanda. If it cleared any late i.e. after the 30th day following its arrival in the country due to lack of documentation will be charged with 5% on the basis of CIF value.

5 Easy Steps To Buy Buses From Japan

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