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Import Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures
To Import Japan Used Buses In barbados

Check all the key points related to import rules, regulations, policies, documentations, duties and taxes, inspections, restrictions, shipping ports, etc. which you should keep in mind while importing Used Buses from Japan to barbados.


Year Restriction

No Age Limit

Destination Port


Time of Shipment

31 to 41 Days (RoRo)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Monthly)

Shipping Line



No Inspection Required

Used Buses Import Rules & Regulations in barbados


Age Restriction

No Age Restrictions for the importation of used Buses in Barbados.

Right-Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of right-hand drive buses allowed in the country.


No inspection required for used Bus import in Barbados.  

Used/Reconditioned Buses:

Returning Nationals / Diplomats

If importer not a diplomat or returning national – Buses must be four (4) years or under with an odometer reading of 50, 000 km or less.

If importer is a returning national There are no restrictions on age or mileage provided the candidate meets all other requirements outlined in the Returning National Guidelines. The Buses is free of all normally applicable import duties and taxes.

If importer is a diplomat No restrictions apply in this case, and the Buses is free of all normally applicable import duties and taxes. 

Who will be considered as Returning Nationals?

A returning national is one who is a Barbadian who has attained the age of at least 50 years, and a Barbadian citizen by birth, registration, naturalization or descent and has been living abroad for 10 years or over. A Barbadian by descent is required to show proof of having resided on the island for at least 183 days within a year at some time prior to emigration.

Returning Nationals /Diplomat

Barbados Import Regulations: If an importer is a returning and planning to shift to Barbados permanently or is a diplomat officer, in both of these cases your used Buses is free of all normally applicable import duties and taxes. That means any returning national or diplomat can import their used vehicle without paying import duties. But for that they need to present some documents, below is the list:

Concessions granted on satisfying the criteria relating to citizenship and residence overseas, returning nationals qualify for the duty free concessions. 

Used Buses Import Duties and Taxes in barbados

Import Duty

Barbados is a full member of the Caribbean Community and as such, has implemented (CARICOM) Common External Tariff for used buses, for motor Buses 45%.

Excise Tax

Excise duty charged(46.95, 64.35, 76.34, or 93.73%, depending on the engine capacity and chargeable value)


The value added tax is currently levied at 17.5% on most used Buses imported into Barbados.

Environmental Levy

Additional 1% environmental levy also imposed. The environmental levy rates that vary from the standard 1% on used motor Buses (USD $1000.00). All used Bus imported in containers incur a 0.75 % environmental levy of Cost, Insurance, and Freight Rate(CIF) value.

Payment of Duty and Taxes

The Customs Department will release your Bus after all import requirements have fulfilled, including the payment of duties and taxes. After receiving your payment, the computer system will print a detailed statement on the copies of your Customs Declaration. You will receive copies of the Customs declaration with the printed statement. One of the copies will be serve as your receipt.

Some of the documents that presented to customs when Bus arrive in Barbados

Used Buses Import Documentation in barbados


Customs Procedure

A customs interview required followed by customs examination at residence. Consignee’s presence needed at customs interview and examination, a  minimum of 4 days must allowed for clearance.

Customs Procedures for Diplomats

Some of the documents that presented to customs when Bus arrive in Barbados

Special Attention

It should be noted that Barbadian nationals deported for criminal activities do not qualify under the Returning Nationals Programme.

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