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Japan Used Car Export Statistics in August 2020

Japan Used Car Export Statistics in August 2020

August 2020 witnessed an export of 86,778 used cars worldwide from Japan. This had a decline of 13,422 units compared to 100,200 units exported in the month of August in 2019, owing to the fact of COVID-19 pandemic hitting globally. However, the export has improved with the rise of 525 units as compared to last month July, 2020. In July 2020, the total export of Japanese used cars was 86,253 units.

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This time Europe wins the race of Importing Japan used vehicles as compared to other countries. Yes, it is correct. Russia in Europe again the top leading country with 9,186 used cars export from Japan in August 2020.

UAE is on the 2nd rank with a total export of 8,855 units in the month of August 2020. There are no major changes made this month when we compare it to July 2020.

The 3rd number grabbed by New Zealand with 7,242 units import from Japan in the month of August 2020. This month imports decreased by 357 units in comparison to July 2020.

The used vehicle market of Chile got the fourth position this time with 6,239 units import from Japan in August 2020. The sale of used vehicles is also increased this month by 1,035 units when compared to July 2020.

Kenya stands on the fifth number with a total of 5,752 units exported from Japan in August 2020. The difference made only for 137 units this month in comparison to July month.

Top 20 Countries Used Vehicle Export Statistics in August 2020:

NoRegionCountryYear 2020August
3OceaniaNew Zealand56,0387,242
4South AmericaChile36,0026,239
7AfricaSouth Africa22,7174,162
11North AmericaJamaica14,0882,149
20EuropeUnited Kingdom5,7581,015

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